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Hey, new guy here

Well let me first introduce my self. My names Josh and Iv been a Mitsu guy for as long as I've been driving. My first car was a 1994 Eagle Talon TSi and from then on I've been hooked on the 4g63. My current ride is a 2005 TB Evo VIII SSL that is currently getting a full work up at Buschur Racing.

I am currently deployed in Iraq and to keep myself occupied I tend to look up all things 4g63, as such I got a strange desire to try and pick up a VR-4 as they really are a special car and I want to get my hands on one and make it pretty to help maintain the Legacy.

I'm pretty broke at the moment because Im spending about 20k on my Evo build lol but I plan on buying one when I get back from Iraq so around January. So if anyone is lookin to sell me one around that time frame let me know. I dont much care about the engine or trannys condition as it will be getting a brand new built motor but I would like one with minimal body damage or rust.

Untill I'm ready to pick one up I'm going to sit back and get to know you guys and the community.


Well-known member
Apr 19, 2004
East Sussex, U.K.
Welcome and thank you for your service. It sounds as if you know a little about these engines and cars. It's always nice to have new people on board and I hope you enjoy looking around and getting to know a few guys on here. It's a nice way to spend some spare time with a cup of coffee if you can get it. I'm still in the process of doing a big build on my first Galant. I hope when it is done it'll be reliable and I'll get to catch up on my time out of the saddle so to speak. That said I'm still not sure if I didn't over do it on that one. Maybe I'm getting old or soft but I'm beginning to see the light as some of the knowledge from the veterans of these cars trickles down. I'm picking up another bone stock VR4 next month. I don't think it will remain completely virgin but I'm definitely going to take it a lot easier on that one and just go for a spritely daily driver frankensteined together from tried and tested Mitsubishi parts. There will be very little aftermarket stuff this time around, just some bushings and some engine management.

I guess I'm saying since you've spent a lot on your EVO and have some time on your hands, have a good look around and choose some lightweight mods to get your Galant going when it gets that far. Hope to run into you again round here.

Yeah, I know where your coming from. I'm spending a ton on the Evo but Im keeping it as a DD, gonna AutoX is on the weekend also though.

As far as the Galant Im not sure what I plan for it yet. Having my Evo built for me makes me want to get my hands dirty in a 4g63 soI was considering picking up a Mity Max as my next car on either do a 4g63 swap or a 6g72 TT and then running it as a drag car.

I mean I could drag the Galant but since its more rare and special then a Mighty Max or a Eclipse/Laser/Talon. So the thought to build a nice fresh motor and tranny lightly modded and keep it as a collector/semi DD.

Time will tell I guess.


Well-known member
Apr 19, 2004
East Sussex, U.K.
Yeah, I'm kind of torn as well. It's not often you come across a bone stock one. Part of me doesn't want to touch it, but when you have some nice stuff sitting idle like a brand new alloy radiator, injectors, EPROM ECU etc it seems silly not to put it on. I think it will end up being a question of trying to strike a balance, keeping it looking stock but fitting a lot of new parts and keeping it well maintained.

Yeah, the way I see it is (In my case) If Im gonan rebuild the motor I might as well get forged internals just for added reliability, and with that might as wel lrun higher boost, and then its a snow ball effect lol

Like my evo Im keeping pretty Stock appearing, Stock frame turbo stock intake and exhaust mani, ported ofcourse but still with a quick glance it will look just about stock.


Well-known member
Apr 29, 2007
Lancaster, Pa
Welcome! I might have a sweet 91 summit white vr-4 up for sale by the time you get back. completely stock the only mods that will be done to it is double din cd/mp3/dvd player and audio.

Yeah I'd definitly be interested. I'm due for a white car anyways since it's been a few years since I've owned one.


Well-known member
Aug 15, 2004
I'd also like to say thank you for your service sir. Post up some details on the evo build sometime.

No problem, it pays the bills. Granted I do miss my wife and son but its only temporary.

Anyways heres my build:
BR Stage 3 2.3 Stroker w/ 10:1 CR
BR Stage 3 head w/ Inconel Exhaust Valves
BR 272 cams
Stock ECU Tuning w/ E85/91oct Map Switching
BR Double Pumper
1200cc Injectors
BR Intake
Ported Stock Intake Manifold
BR 65mm throttle body
Tial Recirculating Valve
Upper i/c pipe kit
Lower pipe kit
BR Lightweight battery kit
Forced Performance Red
Ported & Coated Exhaust Manifold
SS Exhaust Heat Shield
SS 02 Housing
Bushwhacker Stage 1 Tranny
Bushwhacker T case
Shifter base and hood Bushings
Lightweight brace with front motor mount
Exedy Twin HD Cerametalic $1750
STM clutch stop
SS Clutch line

Welcome to the org. I too would like to give thanks for your services Sir. The evo mods should have it screaming, more so than it already does. Sounds like you dropped your money in all the right places. Can't wait to see some pics. BTW, good luck on your gvr4 hunt in January.

Thanks for the support.

Yeah I wanted a lot of low end and this should net about 400ft lbs at 3500rpms roughly and do about a 10.4 or so on the 1/4mi. Just all all around good Evo for Daily Driving and AutoXin with the occasional drag to show a V8 or 2 lol.

Yeah thanks, I hope to find one in pretty good condition, Iv seen a few and the nice ones seem to have held their value fairly well lol, though I'm sure its more of a rarity thing for the 4g63 nitch, I doubt many outsiders lookin to buy them.


Well-known member
Feb 17, 2008
32159, FL
Good luck finding one in good shape you may be looking for a while as these cars hide their rust well it may take you till january to find the right one.

I am also looking for a rust free grey vr4 so when the time comes I will grab it but I plan on waiting for a long time to find the right one for the right price.

Good luck in your search!

Thanks, Im not pick on the color. And it could be missing the motor for all I care. I can do the mechanical work but I have no idea how to do body work and don't have any hook ups as the Military always has me moving.


Well-known member
Mar 3, 2010
Thanks for your service.

That is a bad as Evolution! 2.3L with 10:1 nice dude.

I think I speak for everyone when we say "I DEMAND PICTURES"! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif
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May 17, 2007
Oak Harbor, WA
Welcome, a bit warm out there in the sandbox? I'll be out that way in a few months to the other sandbox after I complete my navy IA training that I leave for here in two weeks.
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Well Buschur is still putting the motor together, hes actually having my car picked up from my house in Kansas since I can't be there. I will definitly get pics up around August. That's when I'm coming home on R&R, not sure the dates yet but I'm trying to make it in time so I can go to DSM/Evo Shootout. If I make it or not though I'll definitly be having a lot of pics taken.

Yeah its a bit warm over here, be safe over there though its a bit more dangerous then over here. We get some IDF like every other week but other then that is fairly quiet.
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