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Help! Sony Clie Datalogger cable Question

I just got my Sony Clie N760C and eBay serial cable.

I've got a Jeff O. "Special ECU" with a datalog serial cable built in. It works great with my laptop.

I tried to use it with my Palm and it doesnt work. First problem was that both connectors are Male. I fixed that with a gender changer. After I got that, it still doesnt work.

So I started to investigate this..

I looked at the connector Jeff gave me. It's a phone cord with a RS-232 connector on the end. I opened it up and found the 4 wires.

The pin out is as follows:
2 Red
3 Black
4 Green/Yellow

I know from the RS232 pin out below that pin 2 is RxD and 3 is TxD. 4 is GND.


I've found the pin out's for the connector on the palm here:

The only pins I think I need are

4 RxD
6 TxD
12 CNT
13 GND

I've verified that the palm cable has 47 KOhm's between pin's 12 and 13. So the Palm should know it should use serial and not USB.

I looked up the pin outs for a typical RS-232 cable here:

The only pins I think I need are
2 RxD
3 TxD

So based on this info..
I cut a phone cord and striped the ends, and connected it all together. I've got my trusty volt meter here testing connectivity.

The red phone wire should end up on pin 4 of the palm connector
The Black phone wire should end up on pin 6 of the palm connector
Green and yellow should end up on pin 13 on the palm connector.

Red(RxD) -> pin 4 RxD
Black (TxD) -> pin 6 TxD
Green/Black (GND) -> pin 13 GND.

When I actually test this the RxD and TxD are backwards. In other words,

Red (Rxd) -> pin 6 TxD
Black (TxD) - pin 4 RxD

So is this my problem? Do I just need to swap the pins?



Well-known member
Jun 8, 2001
Vacaville, CA
I am confused about what you trying to say, sorry, so many words and so many pin numbers....

ok, but here's what I know about sony clie and datalogger.

1, There are couple clie model serial port doesn't work, although they have it built in, but still doesn't work, only USB
2, clie serial port is 3.3V compare to most palm is 5V, this only applies if you connect anything directly to the clie, there is still a chance the conversion in the cable isn't done right
3, a lot of clie serial cable sold on e-bay doesn't work, refer to (1) and (2)
4, make sure the clie + serial cable work on computer(hotsync) before putting on the car, frying the serial port is kind of hard, but frying the ECU is easy
5, pocketlogger cable won't do you any good since clie is pain in the ass to start with

however I did designed a cable for clie N, NV, T series, which can do charging and datalogging at the same time, but I just didn't have time to get around building and testing it, anyways, have fun

Looks like the only difference between those two cables is pins 2 and 3 are swapped. I think thats what I need to do.

I'll wait and see if Jeff chimes in.

You probably need a null modem

Null modem cable for teh win!

Works great.

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