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Help me in Oz!


New member
Jun 7, 2020
Hi guys, I am the full time car giver to a disabled 23yr old ( 1997 Legnum). I do not receive any pay for this, rather it seems to cost me a the background..

I live in a remote area, so end up having to do most of my own mechanics, so someone MIGHT be able to help me.
This is a two part problem.
Issue 1) the Auto watch alarm key fobs were stuffed and I ordered new ones. Had to take half the dash out to read it off the unit..ordered them, and got the central locking ect programed, for love or money could NOT get the immobilizer programmed, So after much cursing, research I removed the entire loom, and replaced back to factory. its all still in place...

next issue..(its gets quite funny)

The mice this yr decided to build a nest in the engine bay, kinda in the manifold, I found this out when i started it, it ran like crap and I smelt smoke, turned it off, and found the "wee timours beasties" had chewed a lot plastic off the spark plug leads, exposing the spark plug leads..put them in (yeah isnt that fun..)

Im guessing something shorted out of the leads?? or could i have not reconnected a wire? check the looms all seems good.

now, i have ignition momentarily, and car does turn over, all though blows little square 30 amp fuse in the engine bay (key/ig?) but will not start. THIS CIRCUIT GETS WAY HOT. I have looked for the obvious shorts but cant find one.

all inside dash fuses seem okay, and have checked them a bunch of times even replaced the ones for ignition ect.

only other thing i could think of was starter relay, but bridged that, car turns, will not thats how im thinking coil..burnt out when the mice chewed the wire?

Then i was researching post on dif forums (yes i dont want to waste your time..) and found some references to COILS BEING BURNT OUT?? So before i go and fork out $300 for a auto elec..and $150 for a coil ?? any ideas there

MUST be between key and Batt, or on that loom, i just cant find it.

Has anyone got a idea..common short area? coil burnt in the ON mode? must be a positive, i just cant find it.

Dam shame this beast only has 180K on it and is actually pretty nice, its a 1997 Legnum with the ralli art pack.

Cheers fellas..i think i will be more often the car ages..AHAHAH

oh update..I have all fuctions EXCEPT igntion...blows fuses as soon as the key is in ENGINE ON, fine in ACC pos..back to it..



Well-known member
Feb 23, 2009
Toronto, ON, Canada
You're better off looking at OzVR-4 - this forum caters to the 6th generation 1987-1992 model Galant VR-4.
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