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Head build parts...


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Dec 27, 2007
Seekonk, MA
Now that my bottom end is almost done and ready for assembly, it's time to build the head. Goal is 500-600whp (closer to 600whp) pump gas, pte6266 ball bearing turbo, 35psi, 8200rpm, 2g head with "clean up" port work

Gsc-6003S2 (gsc s2 cams)
ST-GDE-MI66-STI (supertech bronze guides)
ST-GDE-MI66-STE (supertech bronze guides)
FER-F6025-F6026 (ferrera 6000 std valves)
TPL-LIFMI6-16 (topline lifters)
GSC-5041 (gsc high rev beehive springs/titanium retainers)

I can get it all for $1215 to my door which is a really good price.

I plan in running new OEM locks and haven't made a selection on valve seals yet.

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Feb 10, 2009
new jersey
upgrade the std exhaust valves for the 1mm ones. For anything over 500hp works better

Supertech Seals cheaper then OEM and better. Go with the blue and blue combo vs the red/blue combo

Manley Locks Cheaper and Better

make sure to hone the guides. noticed the ID have been off on some. There is a post in tuners about it
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Aug 29, 2013
Pensacola, Florida
My personal preference would be.

GSC "shorty" bronze guides.
+1mm OS valves (Engnbldr off Ebay will be fine)
The GSC 5041 kit, great choice.
The Viton Blue seals are a no brainer, and all I use.

With the OS valves, make sure they are installed properly are you will not see an air flow gain.
Make sure the bronze guides are honed, a reamer is just a junky way and the fit is never quite right IMHO.

Make sure the combustion chambers get smoothed, Here again IMO, this is money better spent than alot of time in the runners.
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