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GVR4 clutch replacement


Well-known member
May 15, 2011
Memphis, Tn
My 92 GVR4 needs a clutch and I am not completely sure what I need. My previous 4G63T cars have been automatics and this is my first clutch replacement on a 4G63T.

I plan on daily driving, autocrossing, and drag racing the car. I'm not concerned about aftermarket parts bumping me up a class in autocross. I plan to mod the car for power, so I probably need more than a stock clutch.

I'd like to buy everything I need and install it the first time so that I hopefully won't have to touch the transmission for a long time.

So what do I need?

Resurfaced flywheel or replacement? If replacement, OEM or aftermarket?

Which aftermarket clutch? It seems that the ACT 2100 and ACT 2600 are the more popular clutches that aren't extremely expensive.

What do I need as far as supporting mods? Stainless clutch line? Clutch extension rod? Anything else?


Well-known member
Apr 28, 2006
bartlesville, ok
The stainless line is an absolute must. replace your clutch fork, fulcrum ball. and you might want to replace your clutch master cylinder while your there, that way you know everything attached is good. Probably wouldn't hurt to replace your Throw out bearing too, if you can.

i personally have the ACT 2900 clutch, i really think its way more than my car needs, its very very stiff to operate, i'm probably going to swap it for the act 2600 or something like that, that will hold fine for street play, and maybe a little track usage, with a lightened, or Fidanza flywheel.

Just wrap some duct tape around your worn disc and it will be just like a new clutch again!

i use ACT too.. i like it. alot of people on here have had great experiences with centerforce dual friction clutches. and there not as rough as some of the act stuff.. so for a dd/autox car that might be an option.

ss clutch line is a must but you only need to replace your fork and fulcrum if there is wear and if your not going with a nasty clutch then you really dont need to worry about it. just my opinion tho.


Well-known member
Sep 26, 2004
Chicago Suburbs, IL
An ACT 2600 will hold anything a typical DSMer would need. Machine your stock flywheel and follow the vfaq on clutch replacement. My very first time took all day, but after some practice I can currently do the job before lunch.
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