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fuel system upgrade...


Well-known member
Feb 12, 2003
Danville, Pennsylvania
How do you know when the stock fuel line from the tank to the filter to the rail is holding you back? How do you know when to upgrade that?

Now adays it seems like a pretty common upgrade. But I didn't think it was necessary until your hitting 450+hp. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dunno.gif

Probably a newb question...


Well-known member
Feb 23, 2001
Worcester, Pa
Don't bother until you're making about 500 at the wheels. It's not the bottleneck until at least that point, according to past observances.

just have fun!! it's a cheap mod and its something else to do. Looks good too if you make it. follow this:

Parts needed-

1. 15 ft.+ stainless steel braided fuel line $50+
2. Fuel filter off a 95 porche(spelling?) 928 (well capable of over 600hp) $15
3. two pipe thread to -6an fittings $5
4. one 45 degree -6 russel or equivilant fuel litting $12
5. three strait -6 russel fuel fittings $18
6. one russel adapter that has a -6 flare on one side $5
7. the middle flared copper piece that is part of a steel line compression fitting $.20 (pm me if your confused about what that is)

Run the fuel line from the tank to wherever you think it would be easiest to place the fuel filter. I always go under the body on the inside of the frame. Its easy to chnge there. Cut the fuel line to length. On the tank side will be the 45 degree fitting. The other will be strait. Put the flared compression piece in the threaded side of the 45 degree fitting and, after the fuel line is attatched, screw it on to the fuel fump assembly. The compression piece, my genious invention, is to fix the problem of having two inverted flare parts up against each other. With your remaining fuel line measure the length needed from the filter location to the fuel rail, and cut it. On one end, put a strait fitting, and on the other put the same. The two pipe thread to -6an fittings are to adapt the fuel filter threads to the russel fittings. you should only be left with one piece now, and that is the -6 adapter. you cut it in half, and use the inverted -6 part. It will need to be welded onto the end of the fuel rail. (Or you can orded one adapter from the fuel rail to -6 fitting but thats $30 lol).

And walla!! Upgraded fuel lines! Looks great too


Well-known member
Dec 21, 2004
Cleveland, OH
Fuel filter *should* be good down to 10 microns....If you go aftermarket, make sure to look at that in particular /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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