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FS: Update! It's a Partout. 92 VR4 545/1000 $4600 Monroe, WI

Just a feeler to see if there is interest. Love the car but haven't had time to give her attention. I'm using some old info in this add and will update it more fully over the next couple days. Make note of the () as these tell more details of what I've done since I purchased the car (for the most part).
I have tons of 1G/VR4 parts and will include them all if my asking price is met.

Terry Posten old motor, had nothing wrong with it and still doesn't.
170k miles when I bought it, so it now would have around 172k
Real Evo III Turbo, remanufactured rebuild 7k miles. Rebuilt by Turbo Auto from Nashville
3G lifters
2G Ported o2 housing
JDM 1G Ported exhaust manifold (I have installed ARP exhaust manifold studs now and Powder Coated the factory heat shield with High-temp Satin Black Powder.)
Bottom stock block (head and block never disassembled)
90 oil cooler and lines
Lower Shores Performance MBC (Manual boost controller)
Walbro 255 fuel pump
EVO VII 560cc injectors
3G Air mass meter
Apexi SAFC2
Sard Fuel pressure regulator
Custom IC setup all stainless steel (Chris Beran (boostinhard) headdynamics)
Cruise control delete
ABS delete
A/C delete

Below is a list of all the things that are new and have no more than 7k miles.
New timing belt accessories (tensioner, pulleys, belts etc.)
New water pump
New starter
New alternator
New radiator
New hoses
New spark plugs
New exhaust 2.5 DP, no cat, chrome dual tipped muffler (Flex Section failed due to rubbing on the transfer case.)
New o2sensor
New Thermostat sensor
New driver passenger side axle
New valve cover gaskets
Brake pads replace in 2008
Mobile 1 synthetic oil was previously used every 2500 miles 10/40. (I use all AMSoil products so that is what is currently being used)
Still has the balance shafts

205k miles When I purchased it and now has 207128
Chrome grille (Currently Black grille Installed)
15" rims off a s40 volvo (One damaged)
KYB shocks
Lowering springs (honestly don't know what kind)
Rear strut bar in trunk
3" exhaust from exhaust manifold back. (Currently the exhaust is cut due to it being one piece and the flex section failing. I will most likely be fixing the flex section and install it again so it can be taken apart in two pieces.)
Sunroof (no leaks)
Absolutely no rust on the body or frame. Only surface rust on tie rods.
89 tail lights really good shape
Amber bumper lenses

Different Transmission from when I originally purchased the car. (Unknown miles but shifts great. Was purchased from a member off the forums)
(Forgot to change the seals when I put it in and am currently in the process of changing them due to a leak.)
Replaced Clutch Fork and Slave Cylinder when I put the different trans in. (OEM Mitsu Parts)
(Installed Stainless Braided Clutch Line from STM)
ACT 4puck clutch
Drive shaft carrier bearings are polyurethane filled.
23 spline t-case rebuilt by Chris Beran (headdynamics) in 2007
Rear steering deleted currently. (I will include a complete Four Bolt rear end with a full five lug conversion. The Hubs will need new bearings and associated parts for the conversion.)
Had a vibration issue when I purchased it and soon discovered what it was when I got it home. The driver side front axle was failing along with one of the rear wheels being loose. I rebuilt an OEM Mitsu axle to solve one issue but have not gotten around to getting a new wheel yet. (The broken axle took out the wideband O2 sensor)
I also have a ThreeSpeed Scattershield, Steering Rack with new Moog Tie Rod Ends, as well as many Misc. drive train components.

89 Underdash
MB Quart speakers and crossovers
Marshall Oil pressure gauge
Autometer O2 Wideband gauge (Driver side axle failed and took out the O2 sensor for the wideband so it needs a new Sensor)
Marshall Temperature gauge
Custom gauge & Radio plate/console (Made by Terry Posten)
Kenwood CD deck
Marshall Boost Gauge
TEL Steering wheel
All the leather is in decent shape (A little hard, and the driver side has a little wear)
Battery relocated to the trunk. (Had a charging issue when I purchased it and it was just a wire off the Alternator that was broken. This was an easy fix.)
Currently has a Braille Lightweight Battery with the Aluminum Braille full battery hold down.

The bad:
Running rich only when you step on it, otherwise the wideband reads a solid 14.9.-15.2 cruising (needs a good tune)
Paint faded on roof and a little on hood
Crack in front windshield when I bought it (I installed a new windshield)
Small dent/paint issue in passenger side rear quarter from something that was in the trunk (prior to me owning it)
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Dec 21, 2004
Cleveland, OH
Please fix the title per the rules:

2. Subjects must begin with FS:, EB:, FREE: or FEELER: and you must put a description, location AND asking price in the TITLE. If it is an eBay ad then at least the location must be posted.


Bump... Entertaining offers. Anyone interested in a good car that needs a little TLC? If no one is interested this could be a possible partout.

Terry Posten

Well-known member
Dec 16, 2003
Davenport, Iowa USA
Wholly crap, is that Kevin Dunaway's old car?

Who bought it from Andy Lee (V8EATER) who bought it from some dude in TX that was one of the original modifiers of GVR4 back 15 years ago (Died in a small aircraft crash, he was piloting it when his engine failed).

I put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into that car. Kevin finally sold it because of an intermittent electrical gremlin and I was tired of seeing it. I think the current owner found a bad spot in the wiring where the air filter was chaffing into the loom.

Always something simple that just needs a new pair of eyes to find.

Good luck, that car has a ton of upside, lots of work went into that car.

Terry Posten

Well-known member
Dec 16, 2003
Davenport, Iowa USA
Here, I will help you out. The nembers rides post. A bit old, but if this is still in this good of shape, it is a good car.


Yes this is the same car. I've had a few more gremlins pop up throughout the time I've had it and I have no more time to keep giving it attention. I haven't even gotten around to replacing one seal on the transmission. It is a great car for someone who has a little more time. The engine still runs amazing. I've currently stuck over $2000 in it since I purchased it and have gotten to the point of not wanting to stick any more in it. I have other projects that are taking up enough of my time. Here is a list of the things I've done or have for it: Good used trans from (Launch) here on the forums $800, Speed Source Brass shifter Bushings $26, Three Speed Scatter Shield (Terry Posten) $125, Full Five Lug Conversion with Four-Bolt LSD Rear End (Not yet installed) $400, Braille Lightweight Battery B14115 with Aluminum Mount Kit $226, STM Stainless clutch line $25, OEM rebuilt driver-side axle $100, Hours spent fixing electrical "Priceless". I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting.

Last bump before she goes on ebay. If she doesn't sell in a week on ebay another great vr4 is going to get torn apart to be parted out....most likely never to be put back together again. Its got well over $4000 in parts guys so it's actually worth more in parts but I don't want to part it out. If someone were to make a reasonable offer I would probably take it. I need more room for my other toys or another toy that I will use. I'm willing to trade for a '09 or newer Yamaha YFZ 450R.
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Oct 11, 2011
Does it still have the vibration problem?

How bad is the transmission leak?

The vibration is still there due to a damaged rear wheel. A replacement wheel can be bought on ebay for around $100. I'll have the trans leak fixed sometime this weak or next if you really are interested in it. Otherwise, I'm not going to worry about putting it back together just to tear it apart to be parted out.


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Aug 19, 2003
Independence, MO
Damn, this is my old car. I bought it in Kentucky in 2003 from Shannon K, who did end up perishing in a small aircraft crash a couple of years later. It had a 20g and all the supporting mods back then. Unfortunately, that dent in the quarter panel came from a floor jack that I didn't strap down well. I had an awful time getting anyone to pony up the money for what it was worth with all the go fast bits on it, so I returned it mostly to stock and sold off everything one at a time. I replaced the engine wiring harness just before selling it, becauase I had lots of electrical gremlins myself. My wife still won't even let me entertain getting another GVR4....



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Jan 11, 2007
Aurora IL
anybody know this fellow? he hasn't been on in a while, wondering if the trans sold or not.


New member
Oct 15, 2015
Providence Village, TX
Is this car long gone? I owned this car for a couple of years at one point and was curious as to where it is these days.


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Mar 9, 2006
Lake Geneva, WI
Holy old thread batman. Here ya go clicky


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Oct 15, 2015
Providence Village, TX
Yeah, sorry about pulling up an old thread. I will be in the market for a GVR4 soon and figured I would start off with tracking down my old car from 15 years ago and seeing where it is at and what kind of condition it is in.

The CL ad has expired so, I missed it. Does anybody have any information on the car or the current owner?
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