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FS: SOLD vr-4 shell with interior, ohio $500 come get it!


1991 green Galant VR-4 number 420 of 2000.


hey she's a Galant and she's rare
less than 100k miles on the chasis
seats in pretty good shape, sunroof and good glass (no cracks)
wiring harness and computer seem to be in tack
exhaust still in place
she's green!
still has her original color match galant rims with tires
title is clean, i have the carfax for her

things needed to run:
needs motor, turbo, exhaust manifold, gas tank or fuel cell, tranny and transfer case
has a bit of rust in a couple of spots
needs the correct engine mounting brackets, the only extras i have are for a talon tsi and that will not work, shouldn't be hard to find (i'll look around and see if i have them somewhere)

NO TITLE, (which is not a problem if you are looking for a track car). But if you are looking to drive her on the street you'll have to go in your state and apply for a lost title or claim the car and put a bond on it to see if anyone claims it (i think that's like $50) no one will claim her, she hasn't been title'd since 1997 and the woman that owned her has disappeared it seems, last titled in Virginia. A guy before me put a vin plate from from a 92 galant nonturbo on her and used that title, it's up to you whether you want to do that and since i doubt it's legal, i'm not endorcing it, but it would probably be far easier.)

message me or email me [email protected]

i'll take $500 for the car.
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i corrected the title, it shows the asking price and the location is south point ohio, which it says south ohio in the title, hope that clears everything up. wow you are quick. just a silly mistake, sorry my friend


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May 1, 2002
Urbandale, Iowa 50323
no probs - I was trying to get to you before "big brother" does! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

You can save your pics to desktop and upload them via the site using upload image into post

thanks my friend, thanks for letting me know i can upload from the desktop, i'll probably be able to do that sometime tonight, late, or tomorrow night since i'm on the work computer. thx again.

hey buddy! i'm not gonna hunt this title anymore, it's become and pain trying to find the original owners current location. i'd say get a title from another car or claim the car and apply for one but i'm not gonna go that far.

I read back over my original add for the car and went back out to my friends house to take some pictures. I think i might have been pretty ambitious in thinking i could put her back together. I thought i would post some pix and let everyone know, personally i would only buy her as a parts car, there is so much to be done to put her back together and make her right. but someone is welcome to try if they would like.

i am now concidering offers to buy the whole car or part her out, i'm gonna try and weight out my responses. it would be easier to sell her as a whole, but there would be for sure more money in parting her out and it would probably help more people with things they need for their galants. but it would be a bit of a pain to do.

i'm working on getting pix of the engine as well as soon as i can.
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Apr 25, 2007
New Bedford, Mass.
ill buy the front bumper and the wiring and ecu off you or maybe the whole car but i live far from you. let know, thanks tom.

actually no, i feel pretty bad about it though, becuase a lot of stuff is spoken for and i held off becuase first off a lot have things have monopolized my time and second i wanted to see if whom ever bought my other galant needed any of these parts.

unless you are here to make a tempting off i doubt i'll hold off any longer, i'll be confirming this week all prices on shipping the parts and contacting everyone individually to make sure they are still interested.

i thank everyone for being patient things haven't gone as planned in the last couple months.

I will buy whole. I would love to be the owner of the 420 car. that just makes me laugh at thinking that it could happen. I have cash and the title is not issue for me. Bet your thinkin your gonna hear about some check for over the amount ....nope just wanna buy the 420 GVR4 cause its smokin!

BUMP for the revised add.

I still have this thing people, need it gone.

Parting it out was a big ordeal, can't fool with it.

Someone has to have a use for it.

right now it's a lawn ordament.

most interior is in my garage though.

price $500 and i'll just put what i have in the car.

come take it away.
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I am very interested. Do you still have the car? If you do I will be out there as soon as I can, but it probably won't be for a week. Let me know.
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