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FS: parts car pasadena maryland 1500$

let me first start off by saying i dont want to do this but the car is at my moms house and i need to get it out of her garage. i wont have any time to put the car back together anytime soon so i have to sell it. the car could be put back together the only reson i have it listed as a parts car is that it is in peices right now. any questions that you have about the car please email me at [email protected] and i will return the email as soon as i can.

1992 galant vr4 shell belize green #416. the shell has no rust but there are the typical smaill dents and scratches for a car of this age. the drivers rear quarter looks to have been hit before and someone did some small bondo work and spray painted it a different green. shell has a 5 lug swap with 1g eclipse wheels.
whoever buys the car will get all my dsm parts that i have in the garage where the car is kept.

parts that come with the car
6 bolt long block matching to the car
transfer case both original from the car
spare trans and transfer case dont know the condition as the came out of a parts car
aftermarket flywheel and clutch cant remember the brand but the clutch wasnt even fully broken in
pte 5031e 50trim race bearing
pace setter equal length
greddy turbo timer
greddy wideband
haltech e6k hitman wired into the car and working with 3 bar map and micro adjustment knob on the dase
supra tt fuel pump
sparco steering wheel and hub
starion font mount painted black
evo 560cc injectors
extreme 3 in downpipe to a full 3in exhaust
93 headlights 2g throttle body elbow
blitz bov
carbon fiber hood vents
i have a non abs prop valve with the 2 short lines all you need is the long lines.
also coming with the car i have about 3-4 bins of parts anything from timing belts to intake manifolds and the stock 14b off the car
spare turbo head
spare g4cs block
new 3 or 4 layer head gasket
new exhaust amnifold gasket

i think thats about alkl that i have there may be more misc. stuff lying around but i cant think of it right now so if you come to pick up the car and i find something else you can have it. again anyone interested let me know im trying to make this a quick sale sorry about the shotty picture for some reason the camera i had kept blurring no matter what i did it was one of those in between times in the day where there wasnt en ough light to not use the flash but the flash also messed up the lighting in the picture thanks for looking mike


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Oct 10, 2007
South Mountain, PA


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Jul 25, 2009
Milwaukee, Wi
so thats what 416/1000 look like /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

car is sold and yea thats what it looks like kinda has a resemblance to every other belize green one out there wouldnt you say