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FS: NC 1991 Belize Green Galant vr4. Some mods UPDATE 2800

Asheville North Carolina
1991 galant vr4
Belize green, body in decent shape
Jdm sidemarkers, Bought some nice us ones off a fourm member as well which are included
Green RS hood
2" or 2.5" exhaust
17 in wheels with decent tires, one is brand new
Automoter boost and oil psi gauges
JDM motor and transmission
16g off a cyclone? runs unregulated boost due to wastegate rod stuck.
2g mas and intake
ACT 2600 Clutch,
155comp across the board
I Put brand new rear pads,rotors,calipers and lines on right before the trans went out.
Brand new clutch master and slave cylinders, Had the ENTIRE clutch pedal assembly rebuilt.
Pulls very hard, have to watch your foot and not overboost.

The BAD:
TRANSMISSION WORKS!!! Kept fidding with linkage and the clutch pedal...... Car runs and drives but needs to have a little wiring checked over. Had a fellow member and mitsu tech help get the some of it sorted out.

Im sure im forgetting something but im looking for 3800 obo. I paid 3500 for the car and put at least another 1k into parts and wiring help.
Shoot me a line at [email protected] or i can provide my cell number if interested.

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forgot a few things, Includes extra wlbro 255 pump i bought from forum member, car also has a walbro installed. And i have a full 1994 eclipse gsx 6 bolt partscar for sale. Its missing the trans but thats it. 4 bolt rear end, 5 lug swap for a galant. Need to get it gone before i lose my parking space at the shop its at.

Thanks again guys,
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nice looking car. Really looking to sell and with my car not having a functioning trans it would be hard to drive it /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

sale fell out due to banking problems. Ill even trade this thing for subaru or nissan parts... It has been sitting since i bought it. Somebody scoop this thing up.

id be interested but not for that price needing a tranny and some wiring. that could be why your not getting much interest in it

yea, i know. I have been trying to work my way down. I bought it frmo a forum member put a lot of money into it, and im only asking what i paid for the car... I could part it out and maybe get what im asking. It is drivable though..


Well-known member
Sep 22, 2007
dude if the car was driveable I would come down there in a heart beat.......I just don't have the time to have a car that is not driveable......maybe I can have it as a project but I definitely need a DD for sure........good luck

i wish it was, its got 2nd and 4th gear haha. Almost enough to make it home. What if i had it towed to you?
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