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FS:(MA) 04 Lancer Ralliart 5spd M/T $6500

Well as the title states, its time for me to move onto a new car. I honestly don't have a reason for getting rid of this car other than the fact that I want an Evo and the one I've been patiently waiting for has finally popped up for sale, thus this car has to go ASAP.

The car as it stands is my Daily Driver so miles will accumulate accordingly. It has roughly 71,000 Miles on it.

2004 Thunder Gray Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart
2.4L (Nothing like those 2.0L they throw in the regular lancer, this one has
170hp with a MIVEC engine)
5 Speed
Sun and sound package (Sun roof with a 310 watt amp supplied subwoofer that came factory with the car. Yes there is a 10 inch plastic woofer in the trunk that can withstand anything you throw in the trunk)
Power Doors
Basic Alarm (came with car)

The works:
I can't say I have most of the records on the maintenance, as I do majority of all the work on it myself. But off hand here is what I remember:
I change the oil every 3K miles with Mobil 1 Oil and flush the transmission with GM Synchromesh every 20K miles. The radiator has been flushed about 4 times since I purchased the car as well.
In the last month I replaced: (With only OEM Mitsubishi Parts)
Clutch Master Cylinder
Radiator Fan Controller
Cabin Air Filter
Left and Right inner and outer tie rods (only needed the passenger side inner, but i went ahead and replaced all of them either way)
Timing belt at 61K along with waterpump and all the other belts.

In the last year or more:
Just ordered replacement KYB GR2's for the fronts and will be replacing those and doing an alignment.
Brake Pads - Switched to Hawk HPS front/back (Old ones will be included with car)
Clutch - Replaced at 47200 miles - Replaced with a Works Stage 2 Clutch (Replaced by Everett Transmission)
Front Left and Right control arms - 1.5 years ago - Warrantied through mitsubishi due to rattling sound - FIXED
Rear control arms - 1.5 years ago - Fixed by mitsubishi, for honestly no reason, I just complained to them a lot and they did it for me for free...
Driverside Taillight - Replaced by mitsubishi because it had a blemish on the inside (yes I'm very OCD about my car)
All Recalls and Service Bulletins on this car have been followed through. I'm good friends with techs for mitsubishi in RI so they give me the heads up and order parts for me.

As you can see in the photos, the car is pretty far from stock. However depending on the offer, I might be removing some of these parts to sell seperate of the car. There are probably other mods to the car I don't remember.

RRM Short Ram Intake w/ K&N Filter
Kartboy Underhood Shifter Bushings
Kartboy Shiftbase Bushings
Kartboy Exhaust hangers
RRM Split Second Piggy back ECU (This will most likely be removed regardless)
Lancershop Authority Short Shifter
RRM Downpipe (catless but the stock downpipe will come with the car)
RRM Catback exhaust (stock will come with the car as well)
Innovate LC-1 Wideband O2 Sensor and digital gauge (not removing)
RRM Polyurethane filled and CF reenforced motor mounts (front and rear BRAND NEW)

Works Stage 2 Clutch (replaced at 47200 miles)
RRM Braided lower clutch line
Stainless Steel Upper Clutch line

RRM 22mm Rear Sway Bar
RRM Rear Sway Bar reinforced Perches with bushing kit
RDD Lower Rear Tie Bar (Rare!!)
205/50/16 Sumitomo HTR Z II's Brand new, installed 5/29/2009!

Sigma Speed Rear Window Visor - RARE! (Only a handful of these in the US, imported from Japan)
Aftermarket Projector Headlights with Halos (All lights work perfectly - Might switch out with stock ones)
Tinted Windows - Installed 6months after purchasing the car. 25% up front and 14% in back (Yes these are illegal, however I haven't been hassled for them yet)
Accolade Front Grille Inserts (Mesh, painted black)
Ebay Black Projector headlights (stock one come with it as well) - the halos don't work so I just unplugged them. They look better this way, I never liked the halo look.
NOTE: In the photos the car is pictured with Riax 5G rims and tires however they will not be coming with the car

DIY painted A Pillar (have a completely extra set of A/B/C pillars may or may not come with the car)
DIY Underseat neon rigged up to a hidden switch panel
Mitsubishi OEM Radio Relocation kit
Draft42 Designs 3 Gauge pod (the Innovate LC-1 gauge is in there)

The Bad:
I'm not one to lie about the history of the car, it has been in two major accidents however they were repaired by Advanced Automotive in East Boston. I've owned and my family has owned numerous cars that all get repainted or get body work done by these guys. They do a great job and I swear by it.
-First Accident was a Frontal accident that required only the replacement of the radiator, support bumper and I had the hood replaced due to scratches
-Second Accident was side impact which required replacement of the driverside door, front fender and repainting of the entire driverside of the car (I had that done just to match it all)
-A/C doesn't work, there is a leak somewhere that I didn't care to find as I normally ride my motorcycle during the summer
-Two months ago my car was lightly hit by someone who failed to look right when switching lanes, thus there are scratches on my driverside rear door that lead to the 1/4 panel. Also I veered out of the way and hit the curb, lightly cracking the front lip.
-Last summer I got stuck in my friends driveway and couldn't pull out. When I did try I loosened the rear passenger side of the lip, nothing a little automotive tape can't fix. Just haven't had the time
-Clutch Assembly: I haven't gotten around to adjusting the clutch, however sometimes when you try to get into gear it doesn't want to get in, but that's only because the pedal is catching too late and needs adjustment. I believe this is also the cause of some minor contact on the internals as well. I will probably be fixing this before the sale as its an easy fix.

The exterior is of that of a daily driver, however since I'm OCD about my cars, from the day I bought it to the day I have it right now it gets a 6 hour wash/clay/waxing session once a month every month. Granted every time I do this it manages to rain the next day, the car cleans up amazingly. The front bumper is speckled due to rocks and highway driving. There are bumps, door dings, and parking lot scratches from daily use. The front lip is cracked on the passengerside front which I just never bothered to fix, and the back lip on the passengerside is loose when my car got snowed in and I pulled out thinking I wasn't stuck.

Finally, like I said, I'm looking to move onto a new car, I'm not really interested in trades as I may have another car already in line. This car gets great mpg and I have no problem keeping it as a sunday driver to have fun with, it handles amazingly, has never been raced at the track or autox, only some spirited weekend driving through the mountains, however I have a sunday driver and a motorcycle so my driveway is getting packed.

Majority of the car's life was spent in Belmont, Boston etc. so it does have New England wear and tear, its not perfect but its good enough to be brought to shows. It sounds loud when you want it, and on top of that its quiet when you don't. I have never been harassed by cops for anything other than a ton of parking tickets (parking in Boston sucks).

The car is clean, runs great, fun to drive and easy to maintain. Also there is a strong following for this car thus aftermarket and replacement parts are easy to find if you should run into any problems in the future.

Asking 6500$ NO trades.
This is LESS than the private party sale. I'm trying to pick up and EVO right now but first I need to sell this car.

For Questions, inquiries email me. I also have many more photos of the car.




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