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FS: Fresh start on Pick and Pull Galant parts + some extras


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2004
Ft Hood/San Antonio, Tx
I decided to start a new thread with what I have left over from the first FS thread and stuff that I picked up when I went back to grab more parts that were requested but never paid for. Anyway, this time Im posting up prices, but they are open to negotiation. I am asking that if you want a part please have funds ready, send me a PM, text or call to confirm the part is available and that you are ready to send payment and I will mark it as sold as soon as the funds hit my account. I will be shipping parts in flat rate boxes if possible. That keeps shipping at about 17 for the large flat rate box. If your part(s) dont fit in a flat rate box I will have to find another way to ship. If thats the case I will request a deposit and once the item is shipped I will let you know how much shipping was and you can complete the transaction. Please do not send money until we have talked. My phone number is 315-777-1616. If you need to work something out as far as payment or shipping or holding a part, get in touch with me and we will figure something out. I am also willing to make trades. I will list what I am looking for specifically at the bottom of this thread, but feel free to offer what you got.

If we are negotiating on a part and someone else contacts me ready to buy I will let you know. If I dont hear back from you within 1 day I will move on to the next buyer

I am willing to ship overseas, but only to established board members. No offense intended, just personal preference.

If this seems like a lot of extra bullish, I apologize. Im doing it this way to stay sane. I feel like I could have handled the last go round better, but I was trying to do too much in the limited amount of time I had available. So this time Im trying what I think will be a more efficient approach. To those of you who sell parts on a regular basis, /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/worthy.gif is all I have to say. Anyway, on to the parts

*Prices do not include shipping and are obo
Paypal is [email protected]
When paying please include full name, address, and a description of item(s)

89 owners manual - 10

Hard pipe for stock IC if I remember correctly - 20

stock underdash panel - 30

MPI relay? Out of an automatic 90 - 5

Turbonetics exhaust manifold set up for 2 bolt WG - 175

Gauge cluster from automatic 90 - 40

HVAC surround with ashtray(have 2 of these, second one has the cigarette lighter) - 35ea

Cup holder - 15

Deltagate mark II - 75

Door panel clips - just pay shipping

Eco/pwr switch - 15

HVAC knobs - 15

2g? intake - 40

MAFs left to right 609, 609, 618 IIRC - 35 each

Right front door handle - 10

Stock shift boot - 10

Trunk liner from 90 automatic(I was told that these need some modification to fit /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dunno.gif) - 50

If you dont see it I dont have it. I dont plan on going back to the Pick and Pull anytime soon so please dont send me part requests. I work from 530 am until between 3 and 5pm Monday through Friday, so I might not get to ship your parts out immediately, but I will ship them as soon as I possibly can.

I am willing to trade straight up or one of us adds $
Parts I am looking for:

Oil pump
Evo 9 rear diff
Quality BOV
ABS delete
Non cruise kit

New water pump
89 glove box(complete) passenger side
900cc or bigger injectors
Front facing OFH
Upgraded radiator(Im planning on keeping AC so keep that in mind)
Radiator slim fans
BSEK(high quality one please)
Alternator relocation kit
Whiteline sway bars
Rear strut tower brace
JDM bumpers(/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif I can dream cant I? Overseas guys, lets figure something out here. I know yall dig USDM)
Speed density set up
Complete and correct battery relocation to trunk kit(For track shenanigans)
Evo seats(The all black ones preferred)
Harness bar
Harnesses for the harness bar
Other dream build parts that I cant think of off the top of my head.

Feel free to offer whatever you have in trade. Worst I can say is no.

Thanks guys
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Well-known member
Jul 8, 2004
Ft Hood/San Antonio, Tx
Bumping it up. Been doing a lot of training lately and been super busy. Things look to be calming down a bit now so lets get the rest of these parts sold. Make me an offer and fund my build/restoration!

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