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FS/Feeler: '91 GVR4, Indianapolis. $6000 w/ negotiable extra

I've been looking at a couple newer cars/trucks and just can't keep 5 cars. Something has to go. I've offered it up locally and had a lot of calls & PMs but no $ in hand. Keeping my Talon and 3000GT VR4 running takes a lot of time. Maybe someone can give some love to this GVR4 too. It's been my daily driver for a few years. It drives, handles & shifts great.

'91 green Galant vr4 turbo AWD 5 speed.
Cruise, PW, PDL, power 2 way Sunroof, PS, PB, PM, ABS disconnected (bad wheel sensor prob)
Body is in good shape - some seam rust at the bottom of the front doors.
Typical rock chips for it's age.
Pin stripe needs to come off.
Black leather interior - good shape, small tear @ corner of driver's seat.
WORKING R134A converted AC, new compressor and many ac parts.
1g steering wheel.
Tinted glass.

~150k chassis miles.
~23k miles on a rebuilt longblock mostly assembled by me.
6 bolt, .020 over Wiseco 9.0:1 forged pistons, free floated wrist pins on modified 1g big rods.
BSE kit.
Full engine gasket kit (an occational drip but no leaks).
Jim Stewart racing engines head w/ Ferrea valves, JAM spring kit, Ti retainers, bronze guides, casting flaws removed, stock c/d cams.
Mitsu MLS head gasket w/ ARP studs.
GT3076RLE ball bearing Garrett/Mitsu hybrid internally gated turbo.
2g exhaust mani.
2g O2 housing.
2.5" turbo back exhaust.
eBay FMIC.
2.25" pipe kit.

"Hop" chipped 1G ECU running pump gas @ ~24psi. Studder box, NLTS, no fuel cut, 2x logger, etc...
Innovative LC-1 wideband O2 w/ very nice Innovative display gauge. ***Car is running OPEN loop mode right now. I'll install a new OEM O2 sensor if I don't sell this with the car. Negotiable.***
880cc PTE injectors.
Magnecore wires.
NGK plugs.
Walbro 255HP fuel pump (needs new tank seal, leaks gas if topped off)
-6AN braided filter to rail.
BR AFPR with mechanical fuel pressure gauge.
PC680 small battery (needs a new tray).
AM/FM/Cass/10CD changer - icky Sony head unit.
Programmable turbo timer - nice!
Dual gauge pod + one on the steering column: boost, EGT, ***maybe the wideband listed above***

2 sets of 4 lug rims and tires. Stock w/ M+S tires, aftermarket 5 twin spoke knock offs w/ T1R tires. Good tread on both sets.
Hawk pads.
China cross drilled rotors.
AGX shocks.
Lowering springs.
Poly body bushings.
Rear steering delete.
Stock 5sp tranny rebuilt by Josh Forbing (previous owner). Shift great, no grinds.
CFDF clutch w/ relined "ACT" like street disk. (can't hold the torque, slips once in a while. see clutch options below)
I will throw in a brand new Clutchnet sprung hub 6 puck disk.

We can negotiate for one of my other clutches though:
***optional ACT 2600 old style pressure plate (~30k miles)***
***optional ACT chromolly flywheel (4k miles)***
***optional ACT 2900 old style pressure plate (4k miles)***
***optional ACT old style street disk (4k miles)***
AGX shocks w/ EVO lowering springs.

Known issues:
stuck antennae
needs a fuel pump / tank gasket (or just don't fill it 100%)
ABS unhooked (bad wheel sensor somewhere).
Occasional idle surge (FIAV blocked off, ISC good)
Needs a better battery tray.
Needs a better coil bracket (BR regulator was cutting the plug boots when in the stock location)
An S-AFC would be nice but not needed. It's a touch rich at cruise but I can reburn the chip if you'd like.
Josh removed the front bumper when he installed the FMIC.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Lots of receipts and paperwork comes with the car. I also have a few spare parts. I know the 2 previous owners. I also have a carfax saved somewhere.

I'll get the car washed and cleaned up before adding more pics. This one will have to do for now:

Contact info:
John Hopkins
(317)373-8602 cell
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This car is jealous and won't let me work on any of my other cars. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

Being a typical cheap DSMer, I've never bought a new car & still drive her to work daily. I've test driver a few cars but nothing seems as fun. Plus it's paid for... did I say I'm cheap?

It's had a few ups and down since I originally posted:
-It's got ~156k miles on her now.
-The AC quit last fall but I fixed it by replacing a bad water temp sensor.
-I replaced the clutch with a Clutchnet sprung hub 6 puck, ACT lightweight flywheel & ACT2600 pressure plate about 200 miles ago.
-The AC quit again today. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif I haven't looked at it yet.
-The turbo is smoking (I think). Time to install the 20G. I hope that fixes it.

Everything else is pretty much as stated above. PM/call if you're thinking about buying a Galant. We might be able to work something out.

Curious as to where you stand on the getting rid of the Galant in its current condition. Had a few DSMs and looking into getting a GVR4,

I'm going to put a 20g on it first. That'll tell me if the GT3076RLE is going bad. I'll come back here and update that ad once that's done. The AC might be an easy fix. I don't know yet.

I've got racer tickets for Pinks All Out here in May. I need to be working on my Talon not this Galant.


Staff member
Feb 24, 2004
I'd sell the dsm & keep this galant.

i got 3000 with me right know. r u still interested or what is really your last price.


Well-known member
Dec 21, 2004
Cleveland, OH
Posts removed. Discussions other than between the seller and buyer can be had elsewhere. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Posts removed. Discussions other than between the seller and buyer can be had elsewhere

lol - I saw it - for a brief minute /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif

Nice well balanced mods - worth every penny IMHO.

Issues listed are trivial items. If anyone sees them as an 'issue' then you should not be looking at buying a 16-17 year old car.

Any update on the 20g?


Well-known member
Sep 26, 2004
Chicago Suburbs, IL
Quoting kupalroni:
i got 3000 with me right know. r u still interested or what is really your last price.

Just the turbo is worth half of that. Get out of here, kid.

Not that this old ad matters much but I finally sold this car to a local Indystars club member Andrew. I think he'll register here soon + I think it'll show up at this year's BR Shootout.

If I had a working Palm logger or DSMLink it might still be in my driveway. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bawling.gif
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