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FS: 97 Eagle Talon TSI FWD Automatic $1000.00 New Bedford, Ma.


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Well I have too many toys right now and I need to get rid of some. I'm selling a 97 Eagle Talon TSI FWD automatic with no engine, the plans I have with the car was to fix it up for the wife so this way we could both enjoy having DSM together. But having the car unfinished for a while and my 95 Eagle Talon AWD sitting around with no engine and the wife really not in need for this talon. Makes me want to rebuild a 6 bolt and get my talon running that I haven't been doing for over 9 years now (yeah it's been that long),lol.

So here is some info:

No engine!

Perfect working automatic: ( it shifted beautifully through all gears when the stock 7 bolt crankwalked which I was still able to take it down the road to see if it shifts which was perfect)

Clean title

88k for miles

body in really good shape, no rust on the shock towers

Comes with a 3" inch HKS Hi-power cat back exhaust

interior is good just a little dirty and the headliner sags

What the car needs:

Engine ( must be another 2g 7bolt, 1g 7bolt, or for a 6 bolt swap you must get kiggly's flex plate, if not 5 speed swap)

Driver's side axle


Passengers side triangle window ( someone smash it )

Here is pics:








Asking $1000 obo

If interested you could PM me or email me at [email protected].


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Will trade for parts for this talon.