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FS: 93 Headlights 200.00 (See Inside)


Well-known member
Nov 16, 2009
San Antonio Tx
For sale is a set of 93 headlights. You'd look at the price and say, that dude is crazy and normally I would agree. However, these headlights are the culmination of 2 years of searching for the closest to perfect 18 year old, clear glass front, no chrome peel at all headlights anywhere. So let's get past the formalities and get into it.

The good.

These have zero chrome peel. None. Nada. Zip. They have no rock chips. The adjusters are fully functional. I have not cleaned them at all in these pictures. I will not clean them at all before the sale because I don't want to take any responsibility for anything that happens to them.

The bad.

The Black paint normally on the top is gone. I will not repaint them. There are a few baby spiders in the bottom of one of the lights between the glass and the insert. I will not vacuum them out. They go with the lights. There appears to be a thumb print (not mine) on the chrome at one of the bulb holes. I will not clean this off.









It took me 2 years of searching to find these. I found them on two different cars to make the matching set. If you're the show car type and really care about the appearance of these things, these are for you. I will not ship these internationally. The price does not include shipping.



Well-known member
May 4, 2003
Clarksville TN
Since I've restored a bunch of these I'll help. Cause these deserve the proper treatment.

The finger print can be removed with alcohol on a cotton swab. Don't use anything else or the chrome will scratch. Even a paper towel will leave it looking like sandpaper marks.
The spiders will come out with the use of a vacuum and a air blower on an air hose.


You can use a wire brush on a bench grinder paint flies right off. Make sure the wire brush is clean and lightly do it or you'll streak up the glass with residue and heat from friction. After that prep the glass with laq thinner or auto zone break parts cleaner. Now remove the black metal backplate by removing the adjusters and the one 10mm nut. Then tape off all the way around the edge of all 4 sides back about 1/4 inch then tape around that again coming towards the lights front then tape over the whole front. Now tape off the fiberglass plastic backplate assembly. If you touched the area to be painted. Use more brake parts cleaner on a rag and wipe but not so much it soaks under the tape. Also make sue when you paint thers bulbs in the holes and the vent tube holes are covered as well. Paint all 4 sides, looks better when reinstalled. L
et stand for a few minutes and remove the tape from the front slowly. Now when you remove the last piece of tape if you have any that run under you can take a new razor and clean it off and brake parts cleaner on a rag. Hang them up walk away for 2 days. Paint takes a while to cure on glass and bond solid. I always use the duplicolor trim black. Looks good not to glossy and sticks super well. As for brake parts cleaner only the auto zone brand. Not advance auto's sh*t or crc just from auto zone. It dries super fast and leaves zero residue. I made the mistake of using another brand once and it painted fine but when it cured the paint just fell off. Hours shot down the tube isn't fun.

Metal back plates
Clean and strip or bead blast them and re paint.
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