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FS: 91 GVR-4, #218/2000 Omaha, NE 519whp, $8000obo

This car was Jared Hansen's car, I baught it about 7 months ago and have since baught a new house and had a kid. The car is just sitting in the garage not being driven. There are a few additions to the car since he had it (which is the description below.) It now also has a Forrester intake manifold on it, as well as a profec b controller. The car has zero rust, and the interior is all new in it. New black leather, no cracks on dash... this is a very nice car. The car was tuned down to about 300hp when I bought it, but I will have it in the 400-450 range when I sell it. The tuning is all being done by a reputable megasquirt guy, DieselGeek, if anyone follows megaquirts and DSM's you know who he is.

I included a couple pics. Yes Jared, if you see this I hacked the pics from you. /ubbthreads/images//graemlins/smile.gif

Here is a list of the stuff on the car.

Year: 1991
Number: 218/2000
Best 1/4 mile time: 12.94 @ 103
Dyno Numbers: 519WHP / 435WTQ

Comp 101200 Cams
Mitsu 4 layer HG
ARP Headstuds
Megasquirt V3 Standalone EMS
Bar and plate Core with Custom Piping
Tial Knockoff BOV
Freshly Rebuilt Head with new seals and 3 angle valvejob
3 inch mandrel bent stainless exhaust and down pipe
SBR GT14BB Turbo
Stainless Oil and Coolant lines for turbo
Tial 40mm Wastegate with o2 Dump
1000CC injectors
Walbro 255hp fuel pump
Dentsport stainless steel fuel pump housing
Stainless fuel line with 6AN fittings Tank to Filter
Stainless Filter to rail line
Stainless Fuel Return line
Aeromotive FPR
Stainless steel exhaust manifold studs
Balance shafts removed
Forced Performance Intake Pipe

Switchable transfercase FWD/AWD
4bolt LSDrearend conversion
4WS removed
TRE rebuilt trans
Quaiffe front LSD
Stainless clutch line
Some type of short shifter with leather shift boot
Steel shifter bushings
ACT 2600

Hot Bits Coilovers
Noltec camber/caster plates
Whiteline sway bars front and rear
Whiteline rear strut bar
Urethane bushings
ABS removed
Stainless brake lines
PS removed
GOLD Rota Subzero Wheels
Toyo Proxy4 Tires

Clarion Headunit
Aftermarket Speakers ALL around



Staff member
Feb 24, 2004
How much $ for the wheels?


Well-known member
Sep 5, 2002
Raynham, Ma
more pictures


Well-known member
Aug 20, 2004


SUPER interested.
Last edited:

PM sent.

No A/C (turbo in the way)

and around 140k on the body, but all new interior and NO rust or fade on body and paint.

PM Sent /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devil.gif

Heres a couple more pics! Front bumper is fixed now I believe so it has the cross bar.






You know you want to buy it back, Jared /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I just dont have the time for it now, and I feel bad about it sitting in the garage all the time.

Let me know.


Well-known member
Aug 20, 2004
Cruise still there?

well, to be honest I dont know....
I never used it.

I will let you know when I pull it out of the storage and start driving it this spring...

I will look and see if the solonoids are still there...

Street Surgeon

Well-known member
Mar 3, 2004
Omaha, Nebraska
If you've still got the car when I get back in May, I'll be swingin' over to take a look for sure. 'Til then good luck with the sale!

If Scott tuned this car, it will be a rock solid tune. So who ever buys it doesn't have to worry about that. He knows what he is doing. Megasquirt all the way. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Looks like a very clean car, good luck selling it.


Well-known member
Jan 21, 2006
Memphis, TN
The car was tuned down to about 300hp when I bought it,


12.9 with 500+ hp /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dunno.gif


No, that was back when it was a 16g and other BPU's.

I would say car is much faster than that now...

I just haven't had it at the track, and it annoys me when people say "It's an 11 sec. car easy, and they have no proof"

So, I just quote the last recorded time I know of for it.

If the previous owner has more recent times, maybe he could post, but I dont want to misrepresent or say something I cant prove.

*Recent update on the car, it will be tuned again by DieselGeek tomorrow night, so it should be ready to roll...
I will update.

On the streets, I was keeping up with 10 second cars. Beat a 700hp cobra on a 60mph roll. I dont want to discuss my last trip to the track, sorry. Lets just say it was fast enough for them to kick me off it without a refund.

I seriously dont think you need a different powerband for the street. It was perfect. Didnt get traction till 3rd by myself, but its ok. These cars WERE NOT slow. I drove the holy living sh*t out of the thing though.


Hey, PM me. I need a number to contact you at. I have some questions and whatnot. I have some money so lemme know.
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