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FS: '91 G-VR4 #363/2k shell; Santa Maria, CA; $800 *SOLD*


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I've been unable to get my Galant running and have pretty much given up on the project for the last 4-5 yrs. Time to get rid of everything and move on.

I plan to pull the engine, transmission, and transfercase.

I repainted it a 2002 Volvo pearl white in my garage back in mid-2k.
Honestly, the shell is pretty rusted out, so I'm just trying to sell it for the amount the parts inside are worth. Installed are ABS delete w/non-ABS brake distribution block, stainless steel brake lines, AGX adjustable coilovers, stock black or white rims (your choice), full interior (I replaced the carpet, but I think I still have the original in a box somewhere), AWS delete. Though not installed, all the Ground Effects are included as well. Windows work, sunroof works, Pioneer speakers installed. Any other questions just ask. You'll need a trailer with a wench to get this thing or I can deliver up to 5 hrs away for the price of gas. Price is negotiable. I can't bring myself to send it to the junkyard just yet.

255 LPH Walbro Fuel Pump (Rewired)
06AN Fuel Feed (Tank to under-hood filter)
Fuel Labs 818 Inline Fuel Filter
Fuel Injector Clinic Fuel Rail
Aeromotive AFPR
06AN Fuel Return (AFPR to firewall return line)

CXRacing Honda Civic 2-Row Aluminum Radiator
JMF Radiator Overflow Bottle
JMF Large Oil Catch Can
AGX coilover

Megan Racing 3" Down Pipe to custom, pressbent, 2.5" aluminized pipe w/18" and 24" resonators and dual tip muffler

Pictures of it's current state can be seen here


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would you be interested in selling the front bumper possibly? i live in ventura and mines pretty hacked up and white.


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So you're going to pull all of the goodies, I'm interested in your fuel lines if your interested in selling and other goodies I see in your pics. LMK.


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Im very interested in fmic set up along with fenders both . An fig light switch , in front left side of steering wheel


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Willing to bring it down to San Diego for $800 and a meal with a side of beers? I would just need to convince my wife.


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If possible, I need an interior trim piece. I don't know exactly what it is called, but it is the black plastic long horizontal trim piece that connects to the A pillar ON THE PASSENGER SIDE. it is above the window and covers the sliding seat belt mechanism and goes from the front seat all the way to the back. I just need the one from the passenger side, as mine is cracked and broken. If you will sell it, please give me a shipped price to 13413.


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Sorry all, I haven't been on here lately because of some family health issues at home and I also recently moved houses on top of all that. Let me get better pictures of the shell now that I have it up on my trailer. There's a lot of rust underneath, so I want you guys to really see what you're working with. I'm going home for lunch, so should have some pictures up shortly.


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Tentively Sold. Thanks for the interest and replies.


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would you spare the hood and passenger side fender i would pay top dollar /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/worthy.gif


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Finally have this car in my hands. I will be posting in the parts section as soon as I categorize everything. You can also pm me if you can't wait for the parts he has already listed. It will probably take a week to go through everything that I received from Charles. Great guy by the way.