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FS: 2 91 nile black galant vr4s lincoln nebraska 2,000

Well after thinking about it I really don't need 5 vehicles around the house. I have 2 91 gvr4s roughly 210k on both chassis. both have clean and clear titles.

Ok well here it goes, I bought the first 1991 Galant vr4 ????/2000 sunroof car running driving great except the radiator developed a leak was just a cheap one and the transmission grinded bad 2nd and 3rd. had a bunch of work done to it, hks 272's, ported head, ported intake manifold, engine was gone through with a stock rebuild about 30k mi ago, arp head studs, fresh clutch, resurfaced the flywheel, 3in dp/catback, front mount bumper support cut for it, n/t tb. 4 layer head gasket, 3g lifters,16g, short throw shifter, egr block off. now for the bad I was doing some work on the car found tons of rust I mean pretty much underbody is shot, same with front seats outside of the car is clean but not worth saving imo and didn't have a front bumper

so here's where the second one comes into play, its 1036 yes the one that at one time had the ugly body kit on it at one point in time. non sunroof car.

so, the car has a bolt in roll cage, agx adjustables, 5 lug swap, black eagle talon rims, vented/drilled rotors, evo molded hood, battery moved to the rear bought car as a shell, bad things about the car cracked windshield didn't have a bumper support so the bumper was all messed up, and the rear bumper paint is rough, my guess is they didn't use any adhesion stuff to the paint for the bumpers when the car was repainted, and they really hacked up the engine side harness, and tires worn.

And here is how everything sits right now, I have the engine from ????/2k in 1036, it's got a manual steering rack from a 91 laser, bulfab crossmember, abs delete, fuel lab filter black and gold with black braided line from extreme psi, put bumper support with the front mount bolted on, kiggly automatic flex plate torqued to spec, rear auto engine bracket with a polly insert in the rear engine mount.

Now the reason I'm selling them both together for so low and the only reason its so low, I have the automatic transmission came from a 92 talon, I have the 4 bolt rear end & axles, I have the mount and all the brackets, transfer case, tq converter, automatic intermediate shaft so you don't need to space it out, It just needs to be installed, there are only 4 things missing and why I haven't finished it, it needs the 3 bolts that hold the top trans bracket to the lower bracket, 4 bolt axle cups, trans cooler and fluids, about 300.00 tops and a weekend could easily have this done.

now here is a list of parts I have that go with, fuel lab adjustable fuel regulator black and gold with black push lock lines, Hyundai slap shifter auto shifter cable, forced four lite shift box so you can run without a tcu, Kiggly torque converter bolts, new outer tie rods for manual rack, 3 ecus all non eprom but caps replaced in one of them, a good uncut front bumper just needs painted its white still in shipping packaging, stock spoiler (neither car had one), a set of fog lights one of the outer housing cracked (my freaking wife dropped it) but its just cosmetic, I have the engine harness from the xxxx/2k out labeled and I replaced the two wires that attach to the tstat housing they just were so brittle I was uncomfortable reusing them so the harness is solid now. brand new koyo radiator still in the box, aftermarket fuel rail, there is a boost gauge laying somewhere in one of the cars. I still have the manual transmission and tcase and that comes with as well, and a ton of misc parts for dsms included.

I'm sure I am missing a few things but if anyone is interested please text me at 402-310-9798 I can send pictures of everything or answer any questions, I figure I have almost 5k into everything and you get a parts car to either part out or use a bunch of parts off of. I don't want to sell separate so if you buy and don't want ????/2k your more than welcome to just pick it apart and ill call a junk car removal to dispose of it


Well-known member
Aug 30, 2005
Savannah, GA
Pretty good deal for everything you get. Swap everything to the cleaner shell and sell the rest for scrap. Not bad.


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2010
Clarksboro, NJ
^keep this up you will be able to open a museum dedicated to vr4s!

I'll even throw in a few cans of clear coat and a can of primer all unopened kirker/eastwood products there just taking space in basement id like the cars sold before the 19th, if someone wishes to buy them before they can pick them up, I can send you the titles so they will be your cars and one of them will be safely in the garage and the other under a car cover. Just throwing it out there for the outta town guys.

Price reduction 1800 and ill throw in an innovative wide band I don't have the gauge cause I was just going to hook it up to my cpu

Price drop to 1500.00, can't go any lower on the price I'm essentially giving them away at this price but I need them gone
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