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FS: 1992 VR4 162/1000 - CO - $4500

It's finally time to let my galant go. I've been working on my house and need a bit more capital to finish it up. This car can move if you give it the gas, I'm at 8500 feet and it'll get me going like nothing changed from sea level. Its a 1992 Lexington gray vr4, with sunroof. Here are some highlights.

AEM EMS (All sensor upgrades, knock, O2, etc)
Wideband O2 sensor
FP2544 dual ball bearing turbo
Upgraded Intercooler kit
Turbo Back 3" exhaust
TIAL Blow off valve
manual boost controller
Greddy boost guage
inconel header heat sheild
Upgraded Walbro fuel pump
fuel pump rewire kit
fuel pressure guage
New ACT 2600 street disk - 1000 miles
ACT flywheel
New KYB suspension ( 50 miles )
Ultra summer tires with 70% tread
Ultra performance winter studless tires 100% tread - Got this in March, put about 30 miles on them.

The Bad - I have a stock tranny in. Reverse isn't in great shape for doing long reverses, I never have problems doing normal reverse. Second slides out without the clutch engaged. These things are not noticable in daily driving, but may be a problem if you tried to race it
Leaks a small amount of oil in the normal spot with the return to the turbo. No doubt a new gasket could fix this but I've been busy with the house.
Something in the suspension squeaks. It's a minor sweak and I swear I've replace every part I can get my hands on and greased all the others but I just can't find it. Its gotta be something stupid but I have other priorities now. Its not the CV's, I replaced the boots the second I heard it even thought they weren't cracked, so it has new boots too with the new shocks.
Paint on the hood is oxidized a bit. Oddly the rest of the paint is in great shape. I've always garaged it since I've had it.

I have the turbo sitting at 14 lbs of boost since I used this as a daily driver. I work from home so daily driving is about 20 miles a week. The only thing missing is upgraded injectors, its using the stock 450's, to run this turbo at 24-28 lbs of boost and really make power would require new ones.

After reviewing other people's pricing I think they are over priced. I bought this car with a great deal from the board and I'd like to return this great car with a great deal for someone else. It was a good car to me, never left me stranded and always ran like a champ, I'd like someone else to enjoy it. I'd like to keep the AEM in the car, but I do have the stock EMS in the car which can run it. If someone wants just the car and not the AEM EMS / O2 wideman sensor (I'll leave the other sensors) I'll give it up for $3700. I have some random parts that will all go with the car, mostly suspension but other things like the old flywheel and other stuff that make you a true galant owner. Have to have random parts around the garage.

I'm in Woodland Park, CO, just outside of CO springs. Give me a call at 281/309-1122 or email me at [email protected] for the quickest response. I check the boards but probably every other day. Thanks for looking.



Well-known member
Dec 16, 2003
Boulder, CO
Hey Dan,

Sounds pretty good! I do have a couple questions though:

How many miles are on the chassis/motor? I would assume this has a newer motor in it than stock, maybe not? Does the motor still have balance shafts installed?

Miles on the trans? Is this the original or rebuilt GVR4 trans, or, is it a DSM trans?

How many miles does the FP turbo have?


p.s. This would be a Kensington Grey, not a Lexington Grey /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

I'm not positive this is the original engine. It just had a new head gasket installed and the top end looked over about 6k miles ago right before I bought it. I was told the balance shafts were removed when they were working on the head.

The chassis has about 120k miles on it from what I can piece together.

The trans came out of another stock Galant VR4. I don't know of it being rebuilt, I think it is a stock tranny. I was debating sending it in for a stage 1 or 2 rebuild but never did. I can't even guess as the amount of miles on this one, its in good shape, no cracks or anything, but it's hard to guess on milage. Slides right into all the gears, just the two things I noted where 2nd slides out until the clutch is released, and the reverse thing.

I bought the turbo new and put it on about 3-3.5k miles ago. No shaft play or oil burning, runs like its brand new. I upgraded in the IC at the same time, I bought the kit from someone on the boards but I don't think it had ever installed before.

I knew it was something *ington gray, been reading too many British books, Lexington just sounded right.

I'd consider a trade for a fuel injected 3/4+ ton long bed 4x4 pickup. If you have one you want to trade though, we can talk.

Just curious, I've had a lot of views but no comments. I may still be over priced. I was thinking the AEM EMS is worth at least 1000 with the O2 in there. If you're looking, post an offer, I may take you up on it. Right now new carpet would look nicer than a 4th car in the garage.

Forgot to mention, other offer still stands.

$3,000 for a great running, well maintained galant.

Working car with upgraded turbo, IC and all the other parts listed above minus the AEM EMS and wide band 02 (sill go with the stock ecu and O2) for $3,000

Thank you for all the interest. I am currently holding the car pending sale so it is off the market. I'll reply back to all the people who IM'd.

It did sell form the pend I had earlier, it's out the door. Good luck to everyone looking, they are great cars.
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