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FS:1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 #978/1000---$4,500.00. Pitts, PA----SOLD!!!!!!

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1992 Galant VR-4 #978/1000

Please see my website for the details.


Only reason for selling is need a vehicle that my wife can jump in and out and drive as well. She can't drive 5 spd and won't take time to learn. So being a family man, it's the right thing to do, and get an automatic car.

AC just stopped working. Still full. So I'm guessing compressor, and the tranny is starting to grind on the 1-2 shift when shifting above 3k. I have another trans, case, & rear end to go with the car. Trans is a 90, so you gotta modify it slighty to work.

Car is also on craiglist in the pittsburgh section.
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Mar 24, 2002
Fort Wayne, IN
Nice car. Since you have a shop you should be capable of doing an auto swap.

I'm not goin through all that work, locating parts & what not. I'm married, and have a 14 month old daughter. Theres never time to do anything extra like that. So it easier and quicker, to sell it...Find another car she can drive (that I like to) and be done with it.


Jul 19, 2002
Raleigh, NC
Nice looking car. I guess the engine bay was painted black? The jambs are still white so it doesn't look like the whole car was repainted white.

the car is originally white. I just like black engine bays. So when the motor was out, I painted with textured rustoleum paint. Just a habit I have. My race car, was the same way.

I wanted to add that I have a 2.3 stroker shortblock For Sale as well. It was goin into the galant, but now since it's up for sale. It can go too.

It consist of: Ross Pistons 8:5:1 Compression
Eagle Connecting Rods
Mitsu Crank ( Not Sure as of yet if it's standard or cut). I get it from the Machine Shop Today
New Main & Rod Bearings.

Block is bored .20 over, honed, line bored, hot tanked, and will be painted

Also Have a fully reconditioned 1g head. Valve Job Done, New Valve Seals, Pressure Checked, New
Bronze Valve guides. And last a set of ARP head studs.

I can assemble this or take it as a whole in pieces. Same price. I need 2k firm for everything. Or buy the car and I'll toss it it for an additional $1,500.00. for a total or 6k Firm.

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get/buy that black protecting thing thats on the front of your car?? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif
I would love to buy one of those! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

If your being serious and not sarcastic........It came with the car when I purchased it. I imagine you can get it at the Mitsubishi dealer.

$4,500.00 or best offer for the car. Who wants a well put together Galant. Also don't forget I have the a Fresh 2.3 Stroker Short Block, Arp Head Studs, & A Fresh 1g Head. Plus FIC 650 Injectors, AFC Neo, Lets get this stuff sold.


How about a trade for a slightly modified 2000 Buick Regal GSE?
5 Videos on youtube here. click

2000 Black/Grey GSE with 108,xxx miles.
Vehicle is in great shape outside of a few exterior paint marks.
Was babied by the guy I bought it from and babied by me as well.
I would rate exterior as a an 8 with the interior being a 8 as well. No body damage or any interior tears or stains. Non smoking car.
Tires in passable shape.
Pulley Boys 3.4" modular pulley system installed with a ZZP coupler and new SC oil, ZZP SS front P-LOG, ZZP 2.5" catless DP, Hogan 2.5" Cat Back w/ Magnaflow stainless Muffler and Magnaflow Stainless Resonator with stainless steel band clamps, Fenderwell intake w/K&N, ZZP Offset Poly Motor Mounts, 180* thermostat, NGK Tr6 spark plugs, Pulleyboys Under Drive ALT & WP pulleys, Ported 70mm TB, Caspers full Fuel Pump hotwire system, ZZP Alt. rewire and ZZP Voltage Booster, ZZP 3.5" tensioner pulley, DHP PowrTuned.
17x8 Cobra wheels w/245/45/17's BFG Gforce KDWS's, Autometer Boost Gauge, 40% tint all around.

Maintenance in the last couple months:
New Accessory and Supercharger belt.
New Rear O2 sensor
New Supercharger Tensioner
New NGK spark plugs, one step colder.
2 New front wheel bearings
New passenger side tie rod end
4 wheel alignment
New power steering pump
New Spark plug wires and thermostat and coolant
Previous owner installed new fuel pump.
All stock speakers were replaced with Infiniti Kappas
Aftermarket keyless entry with Remote Start (stock keyless still works as well)
Front KYB GR2's






I'm thinking about getting the trans fixed & possibly the AC. Price will probably remain the same, Depends on how much money I have to spend to make it right. So Let me know if this helps your decision on buying the car. Thanks

Hey is this car still for sale, how far from Ct are you? How many miles are on the body?


She's still here. 148,000 on the body, Fresh engine, My website has more info & pictures of the car. Check it out and get back to me at [email protected].

CT is approx a 7 hr ride I believe. She'll make the drive just fine if you decided to come this way and get her.

Thanks for looking.
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