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FS: 1991 Galant VR4 JDM (65k miles)


1991 Galant VR4 JDM
103k Km (64k miles)
Coilover Suspension (by previous owner)
Alignment Performed
Cat back Exhaust (by previous owner)
16" Advan Wheels
Tires have 90% life left
New Timing Belt
New Water Pump
Fresh Transmission Fluid
Fresh Transfer Case Fluid
Fresh Rear Differential Fluid
Fresh Coolant
Front Brake rotors turned (well within limits)
New front Stoptech Street Pads
New rear Brembo blank Rotors
New rear Pads
1G DSM Shifter
New Shifter Boot
New Touchscreen DVD/Radio/CD player

Close Ratio Transmission (70mph @ 4200rpm 5th gear)

Interior is super clean
Seats are very soft and comfortable
Power Windows
Power Mirrors
Power Folding Mirrors
Digital Climtae Control
AC blows COLD
HID low beams (by previous owner)
HID high beams (by previous owner)
HID fog lights (by previous owner)

I have put about 1700 miles on the car, it is great to drive, the RHD shifting comes easily.

The car is currently titled as Historic but will pass a state inspection easily if desired to get regular plates and no restrictions.

No work of any kind needed to get this car on the road.

Asking $9300

My Daily was totaled just last week and I need to consolidate everything.

Contact: Casey.e.penn at gmail dot com

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Well-known member
Nice car. I'd love to see it sometime before the sale.


Staff member
Gonna check out the rust?


Well-known member
Underside pics? That's pretty much the tell all for these cars


Well-known member
Any interest in a BBY Evo 8 and cash on your end? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif My gosh that's beautiful.


Well-known member
Looks pretty rust free to me, this is why I choose to import my own used cars, typically little to zero rust.


Staff member
Seems decent...Price looks to be appropriate. Someone pick it up.


Well-known member
nice bro....


Only showed the car to one person so far, interested but was also looking at a slightly cheaper ragged out USDM GVR4.

Anyone know another location to post for sale? For VR4 enthusiasts?


Well-known member
Not really for GVR4 enthusiast Ebay would be a good place.


Well-known member
Bring-a-trailer, Craigslist.


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Quoting sr20goofus:
Only showed the car to one person so far, interested but was also looking at a slightly cheaper ragged out USDM GVR4.

Anyone know another location to post for sale? For VR4 enthusiasts?

Selling a Galant with a 10K price tag will probably not happen quickly. The market for these cars (even clean ones like yours) is slim to none.

My advice would be to get a new DD to hold you over. I seriously doubt you'll sell this quickly.


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^^ it's not too different from the regular transmission. Mine sits at about 3200rpms at 100km/h (62.5mph)


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^ Yep. Had the close ratio 'box / 3.909 rear gears also, here in the US. Not bad at all.


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Interested in trades?

Clean rust free Camaro Z28 with only 94k miles. Leak free T-tops, 6spd t56 transmission with a new ls7 clutch matted to a 2004 C5 Z06 corvette ls6 engine. Hooker Long tube headers, full Magnaflow exhaust, SLP intake, pro 5.0 shifter, kyb struts sitting on C5 chrome wheels with brand new tires. New drilled and slotted rotors. This car is a blast to drive. Goes like a bat out of hell.