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FS: 1991 galant vr4 in p.a. $5500 obo must sell

I have a fully built 2.3 stroker with work head it has a gt35turbo a magnus intake manifold it was just dyno tuned at gzp it put down 427 on pump gas it has a lot more to list it has 102k on car and about 200m on motor if interested you can call me at

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Since He's a newbe ill tell everyone about the car.. It was mine till like a month ago it was ScherzDaddy came from ohio completly rust free.. I bought a gvr4 from someone on here from ny that just totaled it the day i got and like a week after the motor was built..everything was swaped into this one he just got it running like a week ago tuned on dyno pushing out 419 on pump gas...just isnt his type of car i would take it back in a min if i had the $$$


2.3 stroker
6 bolt block
Manley I beams
Wiseco pistons
Balance shafts removed
ARP main studs


L19 Headstuds
Revised lifters
280/280 BC Cams
Crower springs
Crower titanum retainers
Magnus Sheetmetal Intake Manifold
Magnus intake barrier gasket


ACT 2600 clutch
Fidanza flywheel
SS clutch line


FP Race mani (coated)
FP3565 (35r in an FP housing)
FP 2.5" o2 housing
3" Turbo back exhaust
Tial 44mm wastegate
Tial BOV
FMIC - 12×24x3.5 bar & plate core
2.5in. IC piping


1000cc injectors
Rewired Walbro 255 (GS341)
Aeromotive 1000-6 AFPR
-6 SS line with AN fittings from Pump to Filter
-6 SS line from Filter to Rail
-6 SS line from Rail to AFPR

Engine management:

DSM Link v2.5
MAF-T Translator
BoostX C.O.P. setup
Battery relocated to rear
PLX M-300 WB02
Optima Redtop in rear.

Forget what kind of springs
KYB AGX adjustable struts
Whiteline front/ rear strutbars
SS Brake lines
5 Lug conversion
4 bolt rear

Forgot Alternator is new and has the relocation kit

Origanal post of car with parts-- Parts car
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I knew that motor looks familiar. It was my friend Goose's

Now that makes me drool to buy that white car.

PM me. or call me at 917 577 9389

BTW: Will you please post a front pic of the car....and trunk pic.
Does this still have A/C, PS, PDL
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clutch is now slipping ill drop the price down to $5800
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Let me tell everyone way i hate this car i just got it all together and started to have a i issue with the clutch i thought it was the slave cylinder but nope some i tried master cylinder but nope so i put a fully rebuilt jdm switchable trans and come too fine out it was the presser plate and now don't want to fix it

it wast the clutch it was the auto zone slave cylinder it drives great now

man i was just up in stroudsburg... i may need to make another trip up to look at this beast.. errrrr..


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Trade you Civic traction bars and stock strips for roof rack if you still have rack plugs for when the rack is off. LMK- Thanks, Russ