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FS: 1991 Galant VR4 *931/2000* for $2850 OBO in Northern NJ

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I bought this car from a forum member with all the intentions in the world of making it perfect. Started off strong too... but my desire has since fizzled. Body is in decent condition but has faded paint. This car runs great, has a few exhaust leaks and a couple minor repairs needed but has been my daily driver for about a year now. Unfortunatel my interest has dwindled. By driving this car I don't get to enjoy my other cars and I feel the car would be in better hands of someone who will enjoy it more.

1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (931/2000)
160k miles (estimated)

Under the hood:
-Stock engine
-90-style external oil cooler
-Evo3 16G turbo
-2G manifold
-XS Power FMIC w/ 2.5” intercooler piping
-2G MAS w/ aftermarket intake
-Greddy Profec Type-S boost electronic boost controller
-750cc injectors
-Keydiver stage 3 chip with compensation for 750cc injectors, adjustable stutterbox knock gauge, 7500 redline, & octane reset
-Apexi SAFC
-Denso 290 lph fuel pump
-Full Throttle Tech bolt-on adjustable fuel pressure regulator

-TRE Stage 1 transmission
-ACT 2600 clutch
-3-bolt LSD rear end (four-wheel steering eliminated)
-Newer Lancer rims in black

-H&R springs, Koni yellow shocks
-Tein camber plates for front struts
-Stainless steel brake lines

-Unknown steering wheel (hub adaptor will fit Spearco/Momo steering wheels)
-Isspro gauges for Boost, Oil Pressure, Exhaust Gas Temperature
-Factory shifter replaced with unit from '93 DSM

-'89-spec tail lights
-'89-spec grille

The bad:
-Needs minor bodywork (clearcoat is faded on hood & roof)
-Clutch throwout bearing needs replacement - will include parts to do this
-Mileage on odometer does not reflect actual vehicle mileage (gauge cluster was replaced by PO)
-Front rotors need resurfacing/replacement - will include new pads
-Needs rear wheel bearing
-No AC, no cruise (replaced throttle cable with non-cruise model)

Items included with sale:
-OEM 4-spoke steering wheel
-Set of four Belize Green '92 5-spoke wheels w/ snow tires
-Set of 4 Belize Green 91 stock wheels with no tires
-New front brake pads, clutch fork, TO bearing, e-brake cables
-Inspection good until Dec 09

Asking price: $2850 obo
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 973-713-0653

Here are some pictures of the car. Never mind the "battery tie down". Since this picture I installed a proper one.





Thanks, Rich
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Car is still available but if it doesn't go by this weekend will go on Craiglist. Will also include datalogger cable and older laptop.

Well you are right down the street. You should come and buy it! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I have someone coming Saturday and hopefully it will be going into his hands, which I would love, because he is a long time DSMer and friend. keep the car in the family. if not, Craiglist and eGAY it is!


Well-known member
Jan 22, 2008
rockaway, nj
yea ive been reading it on njdsm that ur friend is commin to pick it up, "thats why im not all over this yet". but then again, im sure if i really tried i could get the money together in decemeber.

if your friend doesnt pick it up, im gonna try like hell to do so, so dont egay or craigslist it so some punkass buys it and destroys it....


Well-known member
Nov 22, 2008
Blairstown, NJ
I ended up striking the deal to buy this GVR4 with my good buddy Rich. Yeah. Sucked back into an old mitsubishi like a bad crack habit. I had been clean for over a year, and pretty much out of spending effort on these cars since I sold DSMotorsport in early 07.

Thanks Rich...Ill fix it up.


Well-known member
Feb 17, 2008
32159, FL
ha ha ^^ Welcome back to the dark side.

That is how I got the car! I was clean for a year but got an itch for a GVR4. Same thing sucked me in... car ran great, needed very little mechnically, needed some exterior love and was priced right. I loved the car but it is time to move on. I need something else, just not sure what. I am just DSMed out. Glad to see it stays in the family and in the hands of someone who can fix it 10x better then I ever could. Thanks Nate!


Staff member
Sep 11, 2003
Orange County, NY
Welcome back Nate.
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