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Deployment End. GVR4 Build Begin!


Well-known member
Jan 1, 2012
So I'll finally be wrapping up my 7 month deployment, and will be back in the states in a few days!!! I have about a week off to get situated back at home, and also play around with the Galant a little before I go back to work. I have a pile of parts to put on, but first I'm planning on making sure it runs. I bought the car with quite a few issues. My plan is to put all stock parts on and get the car running, and then start bolting on the good stuff, after I know it runs good in factory trim. The last thing I want to do is put all the go-fast parts on and the motor have a spun bearing or something dumb. After all, I've never seen this thing run. Also by returning the car to stock, I can start upgrading a part at a time to make sure I'm not messing anything up. I have a stock ECU, stock injectors, stock fuel pump and new CAS that are all going on first. I have a new head I need to finish porting 2 exhaust ports on before it get installed. Here are the major things I need to do in order to just get in in a running state:

-Finish porting 2 exhaust ports on the new head I bought and install it.
-Install a new timing belt.
-Fix ECU wiring that was messed up by previous owner's SAFC install.
-Put factory ECU back in the car.
-Put stock fuel pump and sending unit in.
-Take out the 650cc injectors and put the 450cc injectors back in for the time being. The 650s were already taken out when I removed the head, so just have to slap the 450s back in.
-Replace CAS. Previous owner butchered the old one doing "testing".
-Replace all the fluids and plugs

That's pretty much all I need to do to get it running hopefully. I'm sure I will run into other little stuff, but hopefully nothing major. Soon as I know it runs and all the basics are good, the performance stuff will start going on. Anyone in the San Diego area who wants to stop by my place and help out is more than welcome. I'll buy food and supply booze for any takers. My goal is to have the car built but the shootout. My wife and I are planning to make the trip to Ohio with the Galant if I can get it built in time. I'm really really hoping to make the deadline.


Well-known member
Nov 24, 2011
Its awesome you plan on coming to the shootout. I hope to see you there!


Well-known member
Apr 7, 2011
Houston, Texas
Goodluck Brett! I hope you make it in time, my friend Zak will be driving from Cali and meeting me in Oklahoma so maybe you can join him so all three of us can cruise to the shootout together man? It sure would be nice to have a few GVR4's rolling together like that =)


Well-known member
Oct 13, 2010
san diego california
im right next to kaiser hospital by qualcomm stadium if you need anything or an extra hand

also trying to go to the shootout in the galant..
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