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hi all, im starting a street/strip project build for 302/2000 once again. i will be building this bullet around the +700 awhp capable BW EFR8374 turbo CLICk ME. im thinking o.e. 100mm crank with manley "turbo tuff" rods and j.e. 9:1 pistons. i plan to leave the head bone stock for documentation purposes only. i will fully build the head with cams, valves, springs & retainers and a race port after i get some baseline numbers. so my question/reason for this post is i would like to know real world results. engine rpm, spool times, turbo response, horsepower and torque numbers. since this is also my street car i would like to know how a stroked car handles things like passing on the highway or pulling a steep hill and simply zippin around town..

/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devil.gif Race mode: i had originally planed to use a GT4088r(88mm) but when it is compared to the Borg Warner EFR 8374(83mm). bigger isnt always better i guess. the efr 8374 flows 79 lbs/min quicker and maximum engine horsepower is reached at a lower turbo psi than gt4088. the 8374 is a beauty starting a 45k and peek boost by 67k with a 1.05 a/r. i would like to hear from you guys, what turbo you are using, fuel, ems, rpm range, ect.. i would also like to see dyno sheets if you have or if you can put in words the what the power band is.

FYI:tuning will be done utilizing a Pro EFI standalone /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/worthy.gif
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Oct 16, 2003
Tacoma, WA
my experience driving a 2.3L @ 8.8:1 with a T67/p-trim is that it makes more power before positive manifold pressure than a stock 1g does, at least by ass dyno. I was able to pass people going up hills without downshifting with ease, and never get into boost unless I chose to.

It's really hard to drive a 2L on the street after getting some seat time with a 2.3/2.4 to be totally honest.

Hey man, sounds like it's gonna be a fun setup, I have something similar in the works, mine is an OEM 100mm crank that I had cryo'd, CP pistons, and Pauter rods. I'm running a PTE 6262 on my 2.0L in a Mitsu footprint, I will be moving it to the 2.3 with a T4 hotside, and either a .68, or .81 A/R. Head from my 2.0L as well, which is "street ported," plus a Kiggly valvetrain, some custom cams, and L19's.

Anyways, if you don't get a huge response here, you should check out ECMLink forums, you have to sign up, but there are a LOT of stroker guys on that site making crazy numbers in street cars, even on pump gas.


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May 4, 2003
Clarksville TN
That there son is a grown ass man turbo and really don't know if you want that much. Not sure how fast you want this but a 83mm wheel will do some serious work. Probably 4 digits. I know what they say its rated for but you have to think about the little flying evo he's running a s375 and is way above that. I had the extended tip 362 with the bullseye housing sold it to another local he's went 106 in the 1/8 another buddy has the 366 from Bullseye with the race cover and has went 108. The honda I helped put together last summer has a weirdo truck schwitzer non extended tip in a .82 ar bullseye turbine and he went 134 in the 1/4 spinning the whole track on just 15psi creeping to 17 and mid 500 on the dyno. I think the inducer is 58mm on it but the exducer is as big as a small 400 series. Later this spring he's going back to the dyno and turning it up to 40 so should be in the 700 to 800 range.

If I was buying it I'd get the 1.05 housing and let the thing breath up top but holy crap its going to be fast. 9 second fast, better start trying to find a chassis shop because your going to get kicked off the track first full pass without a big nasty cage. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/worthy.gif
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sounds good! i was mostly concerned about the engine rpm limitations being fairly low with the 100mm crank, but after speaking with reed @ Supernatural Turbo and Full Race i was convinced the 1.05 hot side is the only way to go. the EFR uses a gamma-Ti turbine wheel so it spins like a .85 or .95 on a garrett piece. so i wont need to spin the engine that high to achieve full boost. BW put a lot of time into the EFR series and i believe the price is well worth it.

anyone using FP3 or FP3x cams?

Check this out, there are video's of this guy on you tube in a white 2g 2.3L with a bw s362, I didn't see the actual printout or screen, but it says 691 @ 36psi on pump/meth:


There are several videos of this dyno session, building boost from like 26 or so...
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