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Boost Leak?

hey everyone so i was driving my car yesterday and my bf noticed that it wasnt boosting 15, but 12 and then it was boosting 10 and then we realized that the blow up valve wasnt going off and when we did boost 10 smoke came out of the exhaust. i think it might be a boost leak? but im also wondering if the turbo is going out. any ideas?

Definitly sounds like a bum turbo.. Was there are nosie coming for it while driving or just the no boost issue..Also to haev a boost leak that big that you don't build nay boost the car would not idle or drive right. Any other issues?

well i was drivin the car today and it drives like its normal self and its still boosting 10, but between shifts the white smoke comes out.

white smoke is usually coolant blow by, Head gasket?? An only between shifts an not under boost? The 10 PSI is stock boost pressure I think are you running a manual or electric boost controller?
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the white smoke only comes out between the shifts and i have an electrical one.

what if it was black smoke coming out the exhaust under boost? what would that mean? just wondering

Black or blueish would be oil blow bye.. Bad valve seal, pistons rings ECT. You would need to do a leak down test and some diaq work to pin point it.

ya im doing a boost leak test this weekend. hopefully its nothing major, but if parts are going bad, im just gonna replace the whole turbo.
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