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bad turbo seal/hg, something else?

First off i searched.

Car has 159k and was running pretty good i thought.

Pulled off the freeway and noticed i was leaking coolant. Got her back to the house and was looking for the leak. Couldnt find an obvious one but noticed a drip coming from behind the waterneck. Then all of a sudden she starts smoking pretty good out of the exhaust. Instantly i think coolant/oil and go towards the hg. The smoke is whitish but more blue and smells like oil for sure. So now really thinking hg.

No oil in coolant no coolant in oil. The car never got hot and the plugs are no fouled at all. Did a compression check and got 150 across the board. Pulled off the turbo inlet pipe and no oil and minimal up and down shaft play and no in and out shaft play. The turbo is a 16g that the previous owner got from a forum member. Installed at 125k not sure how used it was when he got it. I dont think its valve seal because i have read its more on startup. I get a bit of whitish smoke on startup and once warm and under load lots of blue smoke. Not crazy smoke but a cloud for sure. Ive only owned the car for a few weeks and its my second gvr4 so i knew what to expect when i bought it. I picked up her up for 1200 bucks with a little fender bender action so a pretty good price i thought. planned on getting a leakdown test once i can get it to a shop.

My questions are:

Will a leakdown test tell me more?
Do good compression numbers rule out a hg?
Can it be in the head?
If it is the turbo what else can i check?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. If it turns out to be the hg anyone in the bay area (ca) wanna give me a hand with the timing belt portion of it i can pay you, i just cant afford 100 an hour from the shop.

Also i changed the oil and put in 10-30 synthetic which after searching i shouldnt have down. Drove for about 5 days before smoking really bad. thanks again guys. In the end its my fault because i bought a dsm, but damn shes clean haha.


Well-known member
Feb 23, 2009
Toronto, ON, Canada
first off you didn't buy a DSM, you bought a Galant VR-4 which is not a DSM.

I would have thought 0-30 oil is too thin for a 160k mi bottom end - I would be running a 10W40. Sirius family engines (which include the 4G63) generally get smokey through worn oil seal rings or valve stem seals anywhere from the 100k mi mark. They tend to have really hard bores but soft rings to aid the bedding in process. The compression rings are still fine to hold compression however the oil control ring tends to let too much oil escape passed, especially when running a thinner synthetic oil. Remember when our cars were new 15W40 or 20W40 was generally the commonly used oil grade.
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