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A/C Delete, removing switches in thermostat housing


Well-known member
Jun 18, 2009
Rochester, NY
So I have no A/C and no intentions of ever putting it back in. I was in the junkyard today and noticed that the water neck on a 1990 Galant, while different, looks very similar to ours. At the top where we have the A/C fan switch with the white connector(This turns on the A/C fan at a certain temp when the A/C is on, right?), this car had an allen screw plug. I looked up the part number and it's MS661162. I'm thinking about getting two, one to block off the thermo vacuum valve, and that A/C fan switch just to clean things up a bit since they're only a couple bucks. I also want to remove the extra switch in the back and put a bolt in there like the DSMs have(that one is for turning the A/C fan on at a certain temp when the A/C is off, right?). Then I would only have the sensor for the ecu, the sensor for the gauge, and the sensor in the radiator for the fan.

My question is, is there any reason I shouldn't remove these? Do people ever re-wire these switches for other functions, or keep the A/C fan even after the A/C delete? I'm probably over-thinking this and it really doesn't matter but I figured I would post up anyway. The OCD in me can't stand to have things on the car that have no function when I can just have a factory plug that came on a lower model instead.


Well-known member
Feb 6, 2003
Melbourne, Australia
You could use them for an aftermarket gauge if you ever wanted to run one but you may have to find a sensor to fit the existing thread or open up the existing thread to suit the new sensor. Otherwise I'd just plug them up.

Or if you wanted to you could use one of those sensors to backup your existing temp sensor in the radiator so if your sensor in the radiator ever fails, your fan will still kick in at a higher temp.

You could probably use the upper sensor (air con switch) as a bleed valve if you wanted to install a coolant bleeding system on the vr4.

A few suggestions, hope that gives you some ideas.
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