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93 automatic galant gearbox damaged


New member
Jan 17, 2018
Hi all, so I recently bought a 93 automatic transmission galant . When i bought it the transmission was messed up. When u put the transmission to D, you could drive the car in first gear but as soon as the car shifted into second gear, it would go into neutral and the car wouldnt drive anymore. Also R didnt work at all(reason i bought the car is because it was cheap and even if i were to change the whole gearbox id still come out on top). So i asked around a bit and someone told me to switch out the filter under the gearbox and then also change the engine oil. So i did that and fortunately the rear gear strated working, but the rest was still the same. So now im just kinda stuck. I kinda feel like i could fix the car without having to switch out the gearbox so if u have any suggestions fire pls.


Well-known member
Sep 24, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
You might try and find a compatible TCU (Transmission control unit) and see if that works. Normally, when the TCU goes, you can get limp mode, but that is normally stuck in 3rd gear. Yours seems to be more mechanical since a fluid change brought reverse back, but you might get lucky and be able to fix it on the cheap.


Staff member
Mar 5, 2005
THE Ottawa
You may have TCU issues like Thom stated, but you could also be in need of checking to make sure the shifter is actually engaging all gears in the shifter range.
Start there, and the work your way forward. You could have valve body issues or internal parts issues. Valve body could have a problem in and of itself but if the filter is plugged, shifting becomes irratic, and why would the filter be plugged?
This is where in theory the internal issues could rear their head - ie debris from worn parts is causing fluid problems. If not these issues, then it could be an electrical issue with the wiring/solenoids in the trans.
IF you can get an online version of the factory auto user manual, or a paper version, then you can start trouble shooting.

There are many manuals located here:
The Collection of gosh knows how many standard and auto box manuals, plus wiring diagrams, and complete car manuals for nearly everything Mitsubishi from that era.

Engines and transmissions located in this folder

Take your pic.

I used these manuals years ago when I fully understood the auto trans with no sign of forgetfulness, and it got me to the point of condemning parts related to the torque converter lockup or possible valve body issues in the 3 speed auto with my old Colt. Fluid change would half sort it, then it would return within a few thousand KM's, according to the next owner. The issue was divulged at the point of sale.
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