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#435/2000 Build Thread

I decided to just go ahead and start a build thread for my first Galant VR4 #435. I am pretty new the board but I am trying to weasel my way in and get to meet some people. I was a big honda lover but crossed over to Mitsubishi about 2 years ago after buying a original 89 Colt GT. I picked the VR4 up almost 2 months ago from a the second owner of the car . The car suddenly quit running one day and the owner decided to store it for 6 years? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dunno.gif Owner said he though it was electrical related but I didn't really care being the car was only $900. Car has a clean title pretty good body besides some front end dents and clearcoat issues. It even came with the original matching key ring badge and key. I found the original Dealership window tag with the fuel ratings and price tag in the glove box with ful maintainance records. When I got the car home I pulled the timing belt cover off to find a snapped timing belt... So I pulled the motor within a few days to start a rebuild.

Second day I owned the car

Interior shot

Orignal Engine out

Some pressure washing of the engine bay cleaned up pretty nice

I started tearing the motor apart for a rebuild. I found a few bent valves after pulling the head off but bottom end looked good. I cam across a 1G FWD DSM on craiglist for $1500 with rebuilt motor with 50,000 on it and 3,000 on timing job so I decided to pick it up. I needed the tranny for my colt build so I decided I might as well get the car.

Donor Car

Started the engine pull 2 days ago..

Engine out of the car in that night after lots of Captain Morgan and pizza. Not so white anymore...

Here is the engine out of the car. Gott apull the tranny off it and put the GVR4 tranny back on and do some engine cleaning

Some picstures of my DSM family. I have a car buying problem craigslist is very addicting when you find good deals

My twins...#435 & #1302

That is all I have as of now. I will have more pics to come as works gets done. The air force keeps me busy but I try to get in as much time as I can turning wrenches. I would like to have this thing running within the next few weeks though. I am kind of still confused on which route I want to go with the car. I know I just want to get the motor in and running. I am building the car as daily with AC as of now. I dont really need to make crazy power with it. I have my colt which I am building too shooting for 400-500hp to use as my weekend warrior. Right now I have a EVO 16g, FP manifold, External WG 02 housing w/ tial 38mm, EVO MAS, EVO injectors, ETS FMIC kit, Keydiver stage 3 chip as my setup with a couple of extra goodies. This is all I have time for as of now but lots more info and pics to come!
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I got the tranny cleaned up pretty decent. I went ahead and changed the flywheels put the new clutch on, and installed the new throw out bearing. XTD Stage 2 FTW!! I have the same clutch in my colt now for over a year love it. I got the tranny bolted up, starter and the intermediate shaft on. I am going to leave it as it sits to throw it in and get it running. Its finally all ready to drop in and I am pretty excited to get this thing started. Hopefully I can get the motor mounted in the car tommorrow.


So after 3 hours tonight of trying to mount the engine in I finally got installed. After putting on and taking off numerous mounts and pulling the engine back out of the car I realized that the rear mount that bolts to the block is different between a DSM and a galant. The galant is about a 1/4 in shorter. So you can get all three mounts in besides the front mount with the DSM rear. After troublshooting for a while I finally figured that out... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif I guess you gotta make mistakes to learn sometimes. So I just got the motor in for the night. I am going to start hooking up everything tomorrow and hopefully start it up. I am going to just leave it as is for now to get it started and then alot of stuff will be changed over. I am decided if I should go with a evo16g, evo mas, evo injectors, fp manifold, tial 38mm, ETS FMIC kit, and keydiver stage 3 chip OR Precision SC61, SFP T3 manifold, 38mm wastegate, 680cc PTE's, maft translator and gm maf, and Punishment racing fmic 3 inch IC piping. I have both setups sitting around and I going back on forth on what I want to do...anyways some pics of progress


So been working on her for the last couple of days off and on. I got everything hooked up and started right up. Also dropped it on the ground temporarily to make sure everything was good drivetrain related. I pulled the FP manifold off my colt an bolted it on. Also got the ETS FMIC mounted. I was going to start anymore projects but I decided to go ahead and do the 5 lug swap, abs delete, and 4ws removal. I have all the stuff laying around and also new 3000gt brakes. I should have quite a bit done by the end of the weekend.

Fp manifold installed

ETS FMIC mounted and ready for the all the suspension, hubs, and rear end to be pulled out.



Turn Right Racing
Staff member
Mar 5, 2001
Quoting Damills:
So after 3 hours tonight of trying to mount the engine in I finally got installed. After putting on and taking off numerous mounts and pulling the engine back out of the car I realized that the rear mount that bolts to the block is different between a DSM and a galant. The galant is about a 1/4 in shorter. So you can get all three mounts in besides the front mount with the DSM rear. After troublshooting for a while I finally figured that out... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif I guess you gotta make mistakes to learn sometimes.

Hate to tell you this, but the rear mount bracket (firewall side) is the same (195). It is the front radiator side bracket (GVR4 uses a "344") that is different.

No thats not true I believe one of them said 194 and the other was 195. But I took the one of the DSM and the one of the GVR4 and measured them and the gvr4 one was a 1/4 inch shorter. I know this because I bolted the GVR4 bracket on and its slipped in like butter. I am talking about the bracket not the mount also. All the mounts are the same just the front and rear brackets differ.


Turn Right Racing
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Mar 5, 2001
OK, whatever you say. Check your other cars or the myriad of posts, or even CAPS sometime.

Got a lot accomplished today. I pulled the front hubs off and the whole rear end out. I also pulled off all the suspension. This was going to be my stopping point but for some reason I got ambitious and continued on... So I went and dragged my donor 90 DSM 3 Bolt LSD rear end out of my neighbors shed and hauled it over to my house. I also pulled the wheels and 3000gt brakes off the donor car. I starting pulling the 4ws and ABS out (what a nightmare). Lastly got the new rear end mounted and the driveshaft connected back up. I am going to try and knock out the front hubs, suspension, and hooking back everything, and finish removing 4WS and ABS over the weekend.

Removed the front hubs and suspension.

Old rear end pulled out

New rear end pulled out of the shed ready to put on and a real homo pic of me.

Removed some of the 4WS lines what a disaster my DSM is bleeding everywhere.

Rear end installed my stopping point for the night

More to come....
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Aug 9, 2005
garfield nj
holy crap /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gifcan i be rich like you /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jawdrop.gif that alot of cars u have there

Actually most of my cars were picked up for really cheap. I make pretty good money thanks to the Air Force but dont get to spend as much on cars as want being I am married and bought a house out in Cali. Glad its Friday wish this work day would end so I can go home and work on the car....

Man I'm in the navy and I never have that much time to work on my car, you must have a pretty laid back wife haha. Keep up the good work man.

I am crew chief and usually have no time, but lately I have been working in the office doing analysis. So I have alot more time on my hands. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Ah that makes sense. Anyway keep up the good work, you are getting a lot done quickly I like it. Also I was wondering what your plans are for the 1g you pulled the motor from. looks like a really clean FWD.
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Its probably going to sent in my side yard for months dont know...i have no use and its not on my list of things to do right now if you know what I mean. I bought it for a donor car and it served its purposre for me so far.

Today was a PITA! I ran into some dumb problems and didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted. I pulled out the rest of the 4WS crap, just need to plug the rack. I pulled my other donor car in the driveway and pulled the Suspension and rear rotors off it. This is where I ran into my big problem... On my last wheel on the passenger side rear I could only get 4 of the 5 lugnuts off. One of the studs had popped inward out of the hub with the lugnut still on....After fighting it for over an hour decided to try another route and drill it out. Fought it for another hour and finally broke the wheel loose! Then I put the suspension on the galant (AGX's with lowering springs) and swapped the rear rotors out. I stopped for the night because I realized my last donor front hub had a broken tab on it where the strut bolts up on it. So tommorrow I will take another 5 lug hub off another one of my DSM's. I have alot more little things I want to do but my main concern is finding 3 bolt LSD axles....nighty night

This was the solution the nightmare that set me back all night

Front hub and suspension installed

Rear hubs and rotors swapped out

My stopping point for the night FAIL!
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I just woke up got the pics fixed. I am going to go get another front hub for the car and search for some axles..

So I had a nightmare day at pick n pull long story but I found a Front spindle and got it installed today. I hooked up all the brake lines back up and got it bleeded. I also got some axles from my buddy installed to use until my other axles get here so I can get this thing on the road. I went ahead and filled the rear end with fluid also. I worked on the power steering some more and got the two spots on the rack plugged. Just to warn anyone that plans on doing the 4WS removal be prepared to make a mess, cuss alot, and get power steering fluid and gunk all over you. I have 2 hardlines that go through the front subframe and over the tranny that I am still fighting to get out. Anyways so I am near completion to get this on the road. My plans over the next day or two are; Get the oil cooler hooked up, change the oil and filter, install the ETS FMIC piping, EVO MAS, an EVO injectors. I still have alot more to do just want to finish all the stuff to get in driving down the road.

Rear axles installed

Front Spindle installed and all the brake lines hooked back up

4WS on the rack plugged (2 oil pan bolts with copper crush washers) BTW the lines that run to the rack are kind of pain to loosen up and pull out.

Nice work man.. Keep plugging away.. I'm in the middle of swapping a lot on my 515.
Used to be a BIG Honda guy EH? No your house is filled with Mitsu's.( Driveway is pretty full)

Yeah I use to have a lot of turbo/swapped hondas but they really just dont compare to DSM's. After I got my colt it was night and day difference and there was no looking back. The honda scene has blown up big time also, theft is ridiculous in California. I grew up in Indiana in an area where you could leave your car unlocked all the time and turbo hondas were unheard of there 5-6 years ago. In california everyone has a swapped or turbo honda.

On a side note though I picked up some oil resistant hose for my oil cooler lines today. When I get off work I will be doing some more plugging away at the car. My Master cylinder/Slave cylinder gets here for 831 today also so I will be putting those in hoping it solves those tranny issues.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/uhh.gif
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