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4-bolt axle question...


Well-known member
So my rear 4-bolt driver side axle has some in and out play. The play looks like its at the cv joint closest to the wheel. Is this something I can fix? Or do I need to find another axle?


Well-known member
is it making noise? is it just the cv joint or the whole cup too. Are you trying to track down a noise or did you just happen to catch this? how much play is "Some"?

Put out some info & more than one in forty will be able to give you an informed opinion. Whoop make that 41 cause I don't know what to tell you either. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dunno.gif


Well-known member
The axle will move inside the cup a little bit. If the cup itself is moving then there might be an issue.


Well-known member
I don't know if there is a gasket there, but my front passenger axel had in and out play and it was because the seal in the transmission was done for. I swapped it out and that made everything nice and snug, plus it stopped the leak haha.


Well-known member
I just noticed it when I saw that my rear diff is leaking past the axle seal. I'm guessing there is enough play to let diff fluid to leak out sometimes.

But there is definitely more play than what there should be. I just wondered if anyone else had this problem and rebuilt their axle or just got another one.

There is definitely noise when the car is decelerating but I'm not sure if its the diff or the axle. But regardless the axle needs fixed. I had a spare diff I'm going to have re-shimmed in a week.