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1G MAF to IAT and MAP sensors for speed density


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Jan 11, 2007
Aurora IL
A MAF connector to SD sensor cable is handy for plug & play sensor connection on ECMLink and I believe Jackal/DSMAP. These can be purchased premade for a decent price.

If you'd rather wire it yourself and save a few bucks, you might want to get a hold of someone on a board making 1G-2G-3G MAF adapter cables and arrange for a MAF connector to open wire you can then use. Here's a wiring index if you go this route. Credit to Jeff, VFAQ etc, I'm just compiling.

<b>1G MAF pinout:</b>
ECU?? • 1G MAS Pin 1 • green w/ yellow str • idle position sw
ECU10 • 1G MAS Pin 2 • green w/ blue str • Airflow Hz
ECU102 • 1G MAS Pin 3 • red • +12V from MPI
ECU23 • 1G MAS Pin 4 • green w/ red str • +5 volts
XXXXX • 1G MAS Pin 5 • • blank
ECU24 • 1G MAS Pin 6 • green w/ black str • Ground
ECU16 • 1G MAS Pin 7 •green w/ yellow str • Barometer
ECU08 • 1G MAS Pin 8 • green w/ orange str • IAT

<b><i>typical</i> SD sensor matches (assuming you use BARO for MAP sensor)</b>]
IAT: use ECU08 and ECU24. Wires are interchangeable
MAP: use ECU23 for +5V (red), ECU16 for sensor output (blue), and ECU24 for ground (black)
----- if you have someone assemble the 1G MAF connector pigtail, see if they can run two wires off pin 6 since you need two ECU grounds for this setup.

<b>1st gen MAFT pinout, handy if you want to hardwire it along with SD sensors to produce a base SD map off MAFT</b>
pink = ECU102 12V
black = ECU24 ECUground &lt;-- ground to frame instead
green = ECU10 Airflow Hz
brown = ECU08 IAT &lt;-- use software to ignore at ECU, no need to cut
gray = ECU16 Baro &lt;-- use software to ignore at ECU, no need to cut
white = RPM signal &lt;-- this doesn't interface with MAF on a 1G, it's tapped off your CAS typically.
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Apr 5, 2009
This is what I followed and it works great! I'm using a 3 bar GM Map.

Copied from DS-Map:


2) The MAF wiring we are interested in is MAF sensor pins 4, 6, 7, and 8.

(MAP)->(MAF Harness)

A->6 Ground........................................(green black)
B->7 Barometric pressure sensor........(green yellow)
C->4 5V power supply for sensors.......(green red)

3) IAT to pin 8 and pin 6. It is a resistor, so polarity does not matter.

(IAT)->(MAF Harness)

A->6 Ground.....................................(Black)
B->8 Intake air temp sensor............(Green Orange)
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