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#1644 For Sale - Carbondale, IL - $11,000


Apr 5, 2020
Murphysboro, IL
I bought this car from "frankdcannon" in Seaford, Delaware back in January 2022, and had it shipped to Carbondale, IL. I have been so overwhelmed with projects that I have only had time to get the power steering re-installed. Everything else is the same as when I bought it. Because that is the case, I just copied/pasted from the original ad. Here is the info:

The current mileage is 146954. Below is the build sheet, with maintenance records, a few photos, and a dyno chart. I have the receipts for everything and can supply them if need be. Tuned by RT tuning in PA on 6/24/19. Making 370 whp and 350 wtq. I have a video of the run as well. Let me know if you want/need more pictures. The car is in the best shape of its life. everything works, and I mean everything. The only issues I know of are that, below 60 degrees fahrenheit, the car's idle fluctuates up and down, and the engine could use a valve cover with large breathers, and a catch can. Some minor oil leaks around the valve cover gasket have started to appear with higher boost pressures. The car is, no BS, rust free.
I am a professional automotive technician and shop owner. I have OCD and this car has been my project for over 4 years. I have brought the car as close to perfection mechanically as I can, accomplished the goals I set for myself and the car, and I am just ready for a break.
Please feel free to ask any questions, and thank you for checking out my VR4!
New OEM 4G63 engine block
New OEM crankshaft
Balance shaft elimination kit
Crower Connecting rods
Weisco 1400HD Pistons
New OEM MLS head gasket
ARP headstuds
GSC valve springs and retainers
Kelford 272 camshafts
Revised “big bore” lifters
New OEM 4G63 Kevlar Timing belt
New OEM timing belt tensioner
Ported and Polished intake manifold
Heat Barrier Intake Manifold Gasket
Evo III exhaust manifold
Forced Performance 68HTA turbocharger
Tubular O2 housing
2.75” exhaust downpipe
3” cat back exhauast
New OEM Evo VIII Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel Injector Clinic 850cc injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump
2G Fuel Rail
Non Turbo Water pipe
Non turbo thermostat housing
Front mount intercooler and piping
“Tial” Blow off valve
Wrinkle black valve cover
Fluidampr Harmonic Damper/Crankshaft pulley
ARP crankshaft pulley bolts
New starter
New OEM Denso 90amp alternator
New drive belts
New OEM knock sensor
Full DSM Link/ECM Link
Rebuilt, Ported, Tapered, and Polished 1G NT Throttle Body
HBC Manual boost controller
Braided stainless steel turbo oil feed line
2G OEM turbo oil drain tube
SPAL cooling fans
Refurbished AC system
Converted AC system to R-134A
Upgraded PCV system with heavy duty one way check valve
Speed Density Conversion Harness
Omni 4 bar MAP sensor
GM IAT sensor
De-powered rack and pinion steering
4 wheel steering removed
New outer tie rod ends
Polyurethane drivers side engine mount
New OEM Oxygen sensor
New dual core all aluminum radiator
OEM 180F thermostat
New coolant temperature sensors, and switches
Custom Aluminum Hood latch support
Custom Aluminum radiator ducting
Custom AEM air intake
South Bend Clutch Full Face ceramic B-series disc
South Bend Clutch SSX 2700 pressure plate
Competition Clutch Street Light flywheel
New OEM pressure plate bolts
New OEM throwout bearing
New OEM Clutch Master cylinder
New OEM clutch slave cylinder
New Forged Clutch Fork and pivot Ball
ARP flywheel bolts
Jacks Transmissions Rebuilt 23 spline Transfer case
LSD rear differential
5 lug conversion
Braided stainless steel clutch line
Jacks Transmission Ultimate Ratio Transmission Rebuild with Gear micro polish, and WPC treatment
Quaife Limited Slip front differential
New heavy duty driver side front CV axle
New OEM shifter cables
Short shifter
Solid shifter base bushings
All 6 new Polk Audio Speakers
Re-sealed HVAC ducting and doors
Kenwood Excelon DPX793BH double din head unit
2G weighted shift knob
MOMO Prototipo steering wheel
Full sized Mitsubishi Eclipse GST alloy wheel with 205/55R16 Used Michelin Spare
A full (all 8 windows) customer set of window shades
A dash with only on 1/4" crack near the GVR4 badge, nearly perfect
Front seats with no rips or tears
Rear seats with only one 2 inch tear at a seam directly below the rear window (Where the sun shines hardest)
Working Cruise Control
Custom VR4 floor mats front and rear
Thule roof rack
x4 OEM Mitsubishi Eclipse GST alloy wheels Chrome, and x4 Silver painted With 205/55R16 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500s 6/32” of tread depth remaining
and 205/55R16 Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Snow tires with only 1000 miles of use
Glass headlights
KYB AGX Struts and shocks (front and rear)
Eibach lowering springs
Front and rear strut tower braces
Braided Stainless steel brake lines
Front big brake kit
New brake master Cylinder
Remanufactured rear brake calipers
Spare parts:
3 sets of NGK spark plugs
2 fuel filters
1 used set of NGK spark plug wires
used fog light assemblies
drivers side sun visor NIB
stock steering wheel
Rebuilt/refurbished OEM radio
Chrome and white OEM grills
used OEM cylinder head (complete), rods, pistons, crankshaft
used 660cc FIC low Z injectors
used shift cables
used speedometer drive gear and cable
used control arm assys
used clutch master and slave cylinder










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Apr 5, 2020
Murphysboro, IL
Maintenance History:

GVR4 #1644
Manual Boost Controller set to ~28psi 5.75 turns in from full out
Vin: JA3CX56U3MZ008366
1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Tag number: ALTREVO, 262658
8/14/17 124504 miles- Replaced both front park and marker lights, rear brake light bulbs, fog lamp bulbs, engine air filter, and battery with interstate MT-36R installed full size spare, battery hold down, VR4 floor mats, and AC condenser pusher fan
9/14/17 126072 miles- Oil change with Rotella T-6 5w40 full synth, replaced turbo oil drain line gaskets and crush washers with OEM parts, replaced turbo oil feed line crush washers. Installed bosch icon wipers, Replaced fuel filter, and oil pressure switch.
10/2/17 126982 miles- Replaced fuel pump with Walbro 255lph GSS342
10/20/17 127951 miles-Replaced all shifter bushings inside car, and new shifter shoe on transmission. Installed wave washers, and greased.
11/2/17 128511 miles- Oil change with Rotella T-6 5w40 full synth, Tire rotation
11/28/17 129422 miles- Replaced all 6 speakers with new Polk Audio parts, replaced front wheel bearings, and seals with Timken, replaced RF outer tie rod
1/15/18 130948 miles- Oil change with Rotella T-6 5w-40 full synth
2/14/18 131687 miles- Replaced leaking freeze plug, installed new coolant crossover pipe O-ring, repaired O2 housing assy, replaced downpipe gasket and one O2 housing bolt, repaired leaking heater hose, Repaired O2 sensor wiring on vehicle side, replaced turbo air filter, and silicone joiner and hose clamps
3/14/18 132050 miles- Replaced engine/long block with new stock 2.0 4G63 block, OEM crankshaft, balance shafts eliminated, crower rods, Weisco 1400HD pistons, OEM MLS head gasket, ARP head studs, GSC Springs and retainers, Kelford 272 camshafts, New engine oil pan, revised big bore lifters, Replaced clutch with new South Bend Clutch full face ceramic B-series, SSX 2700 pressure place, OEM throwout bearing, pressure plate bolts, throwout retainer, clutch slave, and master cylinder, Competition Street light flywheel, ARP flywheel bolts, Forged clutch fork, and pivot ball, replaced PCV valve, installed new check valve for PCV, exhaust manifold gasket with OEM MLS, timing belt with OEM EVO 9 kevlar belt, OEM compressor outlet gasket, timing belt tensioner, oil return line gaskets, return line crush washers, alternator locking adjuster bolt, knock sensor, oil dipstick tube gasket, new NGK plugs, NGK plugs, Alternator, AC and alternator belts, Forced Performance 68HTA turbo, Fuel Injector Clinic Fuel injector gaskets and o-rings, heat barrier/intake manifold gasket, installed Manulized power steering rack, removed all old lines, pump, and rack, replaced RF outer tie rod end, Oil change with Rotella T6 5w-40 synthetic, drained oil and replaced engine oil filter, and turbo oil filter after 20 minutes of running. Found no contamination. Oil change with Rotella T6 5w-40 synthetic.
3/19/18 132201 miles- Replaced front brake pads with Hawk HP plus brake pads, and centric high carbon rotors, replaced OEM crankshaft pulley with new Fluidmpr, and ARP crankshaft pulley bolts, replaced BOV mounting o-ring, replaced starter with new, installed rebuilt TB with taper and polish, installed jacks transmissions rebuilt transfercase, replaced O2 sensor with new OEM, replaced all 4 wheels with Chrome GST wheels, 4 tires 205/55/16 Firestone firehawk Indy 500, and Bridgestone Blizzak WS80SL, Installed Jacks Transmissions Ultimate ratio build transmission.
7/13/18 133787 miles- Replaced radiator with OPL dual core all aluminum assy, replaced thermostat with OEM 180F, thermostat gasket, coolant, and all coolant temperature sensors, and switches
7/17/18 134002 miles- Oil change with Rotella T6 full synth
8/16/18 134597 miles- Replaced brake master cylinder, and flushed brake system with all new DOT4 brake fluid
9/14/18 135719 miles- Replaced rear brake caliper assys
9/27/18 136153 miles- Oil change with Rotella T6 full synth, tire rotation, replaced Ignition control module
11/15/18 137033 miles- Replaced starter and ignition coil with new assy
11/30/18 139039 miles- Oil change with Rotella T6 full synth, installed winter tires
1/23/19 139253 miles- Replaced shifter cables with new OEM, LF CV axle assy, Shimmed all shift linkages, Jacks Transmissions installed a front Quaife LSD
3/20/19 141247 miles- Oil change with full synth, swapped to summer tires, chrome wheels, and chrome grill, replaced all four sway bar end links, spark plugs, fuel filter, both drive belts, and battery hold down
5/14/19 141804 miles- Oil change with full synth, installed momo prototipo steering wheel, and hub adapter, boost leak test to 30psi- OK!
7/19/19 143156 miles- Replaced front struts with new KYB AGX’s, front strut mounts, bump stops, and dust covers
11/12/19 143712 miles- Oil change with full synth, swapped to winter tires, and white grill
2/5/20 143858 miles- Repaired boost leaks at boost reference for bleed valve, and both vacuum caps on throttle body, Installed jacks Transmissions trans with new 1st gear synchro, and bell housing, used Motul 75w-90 full synth
2/19/20 144002 miles- Replaced water pump with new Aisin part, timing belt with new OEM EVO9 kevlar belt, timing belt tensioner, tensioner pulley, and idler pulley with new OEM parts
12/22/20 144274 miles- Installed Jacks Transmission rebuilt trans assembly, replaced clutch hydraulic fluid, and shift cable trans side retention clips, boost leak test to 30psi
2/25/21 145236 miles- Oil change with full synth, replaced both fog light bulbs, battery hold down strap, and all brake pads and rotors
5/28/21 146531 miles- Oil change with full synth Rotella T6 5w-40
10/4/21 146564 miles- Rebuilt speedometer drive, and re-lubricated speedometer drive cable. Boost leak tested to 35psi.
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