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14b turbo upgrade/dress-up


Well-known member
Oct 1, 2009
medford oregon

how to on a cheap turbo upgrade/dress-up.

the reason i did this is because:

A) it looks great.
B) it is not changing your motor configuration enough to need to tune.
C) it will help with turbo spool A LOT
D) easy to set boost

-c-clip pliers ($10 craftsman, sears)
-grinder($20 from harbor freight)
-at least 2 flapper wheels for grinder($10 from sears)
-buffer($50 from harbor freight)
-red buffing compound ($5 harbor freight)
-white buffing compound ($5 harbor freight)
-Flexible Shaft Grinder and Carver($50 harbor freight)
-drill press ($30 harbor freight)
total $180

-38mm external waste gate($50 new from ebay)
-38MM WG O2 Housing Dump Pipe($60 used from (120 new from ebay)
-15mm freeze plug
total $170
1. remove turbo from car completely;its not too hard at all just refer to Haynes or Chilton books
2. clean turbo.
3.unbolt: stock 02 housing, oil, and water lines.
4.remove the giant c-clip from the cold side of the turbo with o-ring pliers.
5.remove compressor housing
6.use grinder with cut off to cut the stock waste-gate tabs off, then use the flappers to smooth up the case and the Flexible Shaft Grinder and Carver to grind the hard places
(this took me about 2 hours)
7.buff it starting with red and finish with white(took me a good hour)
8. drill out the stock waste-gate flapper and remove entirely, then pound in a 15mm freeze plug
9.reassemble in reverse to assembly with new gaskets and copper o-rings around the water and oil banjo fittings

p.s. the 02 down-pipe flange will not match up,(v-band to 2-bolt flange) the muff shop charged me $60 to finish.

[/urlmm freeze plug
[url= t=_blank]

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