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# 1405 almost back on the road!

been dumping all my cash into 1405 for the past coupple months, just waiting on one
silicon coupler and some tbolt clamps to arrive, need block off the rear steer do to a leak
in the mess of lines in the back, and last but not least i have to put a cat and resonator on
to please the local piggys/inspection station.

the car had a lot of cob jobs done to it when i got her (whos dsm didnt), Ive pretty much been
through everything under the hood.

here is a pic of the engine bay before i started.

cant see much but she us in poooor shape. there where no blots holding the timing cover on so it was rubbing against everything, it
also had NO timing shileds installed. theres a 57trim t4 with stock injectors LOL (vpc etc was stripped before i got it) also stock head bolts...
The ic pipes where 1/2 aluminum and 1/2 rusted exhaust pipe with non boost safe fake silicon coulpers/ worm gear clamps.... the bov location was horrible
and most of the coolant hoses where loose. most if not all the vaccume lines where loose and or leaking.

thank the dsm gods that i got to this one before it was too late.

here's what ive done so far.

rebuilt MHI/FP 18g (tdo5h)
2.5" aluminum ic pipe
4 layer 50psi safe silicon couplers
t-blot clamps everywhere
EVO8 560cc Injectors
3"GM mas
GM-MAFT Glove box direct ECU intall
logger cable direct ECU install
Kevlar Timing Belt
New Timing shields
ARP Head Studs @100fp Moly
Manual Boost Control
12" Slimline Fan
JDM-RS Front Grill

cruise, evap, egr all removed

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Jan 10, 2005
Your Intercooler pipe will cook like an egg without a heat sheild on your exhaust manifold.

Your Intercooler pipe will cook like an egg without a heat sheild on your exhaust manifold

I was thinking that too. they where long gone before i got it /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif WTB cheap one when i can afford it /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bawling.gif

is that car 1405 or 1409?

it's 1405, profile fixed.

everything has been running great. been putting around at 10psi just to
make sure everything is in order before i turn her up. the exhaust needs
some quieting. and i cant seem to get 100% fuel trims, but i get no knock
and she pulls raw even at 10psi.

is that car 1405 or 1409?

i picked it up from a guy in avon ct, im guessing you owned
it before he did?
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