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1036 Willing to help?

Hello guys/gals my name is Tyler and I got the 1036 vr4 that a few other owners here have had and man what a nightmare. It did run/drive when i got it but it did not have an intercooler they just had it looped together and eliminated the intercooler all together. I fixed that. but the battery relocation was one of the worst hackjobs i have ever seen. just a big bundle of wires bolted together ran to one power wire back to the trunk. the o2 censor clip and wires are not there. and theres some wires just cut on the harness just hanging there. If i post many pictures and ask detailed questions would anyone here be willing to help me through my journey? I also am looking to trade the hood it has now for a stock hood if anyone in the midwest is looking for a gvr4 hood with a evo hood vent molded into it. But back on topic out of nowhere my windows,door lights,brake lights,blower motor,map light quit working. ive checked fuses and they seem to be good. I was dreading posting on here because most forum guys like to flame people for questions. ive searched and searched. i have been lurking this site sense the day I got my galant. I am also running a maf translator with a 3.5in gm maf. and finally got the car idling at a decent rpm. next purchase is a wideband and possibly running my megasquirt but that might be too much of a head ache. and if anyone knows the previous owner of 1036/2000 I have a few questions i would love to ask about the dsmlink it had in the backseat.
and thank you for any help you may be willing to put out there /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif im on a phone so bare with the grammar and punctuation


Well-known member
Apr 7, 2012
Beaverton, Oregon
First thing it killed me reading that.. I'm on my phone also. But to actually contribute something to your cause.
I would start with returning the electrical back to somewhat stock or clean it up. Then I would recomend forgetting about megasquirt and go dsmlink.

I will post them in another thread. I have started putting everything back to stock. Also started to pull the front window tint because its very dark and that's just not my thing.
there are just so many plugins cut off this harness and wires that have been extended. I am just trying to figure where everything that is just dangling there plugs in at. And what the cut wires go to.


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Jan 16, 2004
Las Begas
Take close up and very clear pictures with details on the location of the wires or plugs.

web page

all these are bolted together into a power wire and ran to the trunk to the + on the battery.

nissan z wheels

My problem is that my door lights,windows,maplight,heater blower motor,break lights and clock dont work. My power seatbelts work fine and so does my headlights and tail lights. and everything else on the dash. im stumped it was fine and this happened out of nowhere.

I also understand there's a saftey switch for the clutch to start the car but there's two switches on my clutch pedal.


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Mar 3, 2010
You should get yourself a galant vr4 manual and start chasing that electrical stuff. There should be one uploaded somewhere on the forum...

If it helps any a round relay under the dash clicks when I take it out and push it back in.

I am going to try a different ETACS because i unplug that and everything is exactly the same.

lowered it down to the 60amp fuse in the engine bay. the fuse is good but im not getting any power to the fuse itself.

sorry to keep posting on here but if anyone else has this problem it was the red/white wire that ran from the 60amp fuse in the engine bay down into the fuse box under the dash
So check the connections under the dash to fix your problem, thanks for the help guys /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/uhh.gif
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