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  1. WTB: gvr4 stock rims

    got a set thanks for the responses
  2. FS: 17in Oz Superleggaras

    will you take 400$
  3. Some Throw backs!!!

    damn i miss socal mod, what a great event
  4. WTB: gvr4 stock rims

    are you interested in shipping them? my zip is 90731 for a quote
  5. WTB: gvr4 stock rims

    ya but he’s gotta pay for shipping, i’m talking from his side
  6. WTB: gvr4 stock rims

    what are these going for now a days
  7. WTB: gvr4 stock rims

    dude responded with a 650$ offer, i’m kinda stuck on 500$ but i’m sure shipping will be at least 200$
  8. Power Steering Pump Seal Kit Question

    can you tell from my pics what i have
  9. WTB: gvr4 stock rims

    appreciate it, just made an offer
  10. FS: 17in Oz Superleggaras

    still got em?
  11. WTB: gvr4 stock rims

    i know it'll be a PITA to ship but just throwing it out there, located in Los Angelewilling to drive if its in So Cal LMK!!!!!
  12. Power Steering Pump Seal Kit Question

    i know this is old but can you post the best reseal kit option, need to do it bad
  13. FS: Replica Window Sticker Sales Sheet $35

    ya my window sticker states that it was shipped into long beach ca then sold in concord ca.
  14. FS: White Grill $25.00 SOLD

    thats a deal and a half
  15. Had some fun with the car today.

    nice!, i love ortega
  16. FS: 92 VR4 866/1000 not running +more $1500

    if the roof is caving in then please post a picture of it.
  17. Information For The Public Registry

    User Name: clark williams Badge Number (435/2000): VIN (All caps please): Location (State only):los angeles ca Status (Running ColorBelize Green Sunroof No): Rust noUser Name: alex hernandez Badge Number 1727/2000 VIN (All caps please): Location (State only): ca Status...
  18. 690/1000 bites the dust - part out/sell

    if the interior carpet is good shape ill take it.
  19. FS: front seats, misc interior parts, eco switch

    Double din surrounds are pending sale
  20. FS: front seats, misc interior parts, eco switch

    Bump, seat pics added. If I can't get rid of these to a member I'm gonna end up just throwing them away
  21. Standard tire inflation?

    I just ran 40 psi all around for a 450 mile trip, I averaged 25 miles to the gallon with no issues
  22. FS: 1587/2000 Part-out OBO

    what exhaust is on it?post a pic and ill let you know if its a go key fob, i have both a replica and a ogEDIT******* THATS A OG KEY FOB
  23. FS:*** SOLD* $3000 1736/2000 91 Nile Black Bakersfield CA

    what area is the car going to?
  24. FS: front seats, misc interior parts, eco switch

    stock front seats with tears picked up id like to sell them all together but let me know if you need a certain part and if theres no bites ill part them out.-50$ picked upalso have a few interior parts let me know if you need them all prices are oboCUP HOLDER 35$ SHIPPED DOUBLE DIN...
  25. transparentdsm

    shane is the man, i found out he moved back to tahoe and was stoked, i immediately called him and let him know my car was stranded down the street from where he moved, he picked it up a few days after and over a course of about 4 months ressurected it back into running order to get back down to...
  26. 89 under dash installed

    ya its crazy I'm 6'3 and the 2 inches or whatever is crazy
  27. 89 under dash installed

    just amazed at the leg room i gained, can't wait to do the manual belts tomorrow!
  28. New Owner of 1837/2000

    congrats, thats a prime example
  29. Rear under guard

    wow thats nice, how much?
  30. 93 Eagle Summit Wagon AWD project

    sorry just saw your response, ya leon still working on it, it will be done by january, i will post on 4g61 as soon as progress is made, its honestly so close to being finished i just need to get it out of my friends shop. that mustache looks great.
  31. FS: 2 vr4s on craigslist Cresent city 2000

    these 2 are on here somewhere, cant remember where i saw these
  32. Rarity Among VR4's?

    ya same here, when i saw 435 i fell in love, with the sunroof my head rubs the headliner (I'm 6'3) but the non sunroofs i have plenty of room. now i just need to repaint mine edit* BELIZE GREEN FTW
  33. WTB: used working oem alternator-FOUND!

    just like the title states, looking for one please and thanks
  34. Fortune auto coilovers for VR4

    you know what the ohlins setup is running for the 1g? i was gonna have him dial in my jic coil overs on my 350z but ended up selling it instead.
  35. WTB: stock clutch slave rod-FOUND!

    pm'd still need one guys
  36. WTB: stock clutch slave rod-FOUND!

    pm me need a stock one, only thing i have is a nasty home made extended one thanks
  37. FS: 92 556/1000 San Francisco CA

    damn that was fast. you chose the civic over the galant haha
  38. Reno, Carson, Tahoe's Meet, Eat & Street.

    Man I'd love to make it but definitely couldn't do a weekend
  39. FS: 1991 #435/2000 Los Angeles 5000$

    car will be in los angeles soon. bump
  40. what cams are these in my new to me motor?

    nice come up. if its the same as a fp2 then yes. i met a guy running a fp1/fp2 combo and he loved it edit**call comp cams to be sure they are fp2's
  41. Oil Pressure with removed balance shafts and ball bearing turbo

    they bought a restrictor. ill let them chime in and be more specific but if you call jnz tuming im sure they will know exactly what you need
  42. FS: JDM RHD 1988 E38A Galant VR-4 RS White/Black Richmond, VA $8,900 84K! Clean!

    if you wanna ship it check, i got a killer deal transporting my galant through them
  43. Evo swapped vr4

    ya a rwd evo8 powered starion would be so sick!
  44. Collector Plates

    ya im not driving the galant till im able to register her as a collectors. tired of dealing with smog!
  45. Collector Plates

    just a couple more years for us CA residents. cant wait!!!!!
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