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  1. How Many There Have JDM Vr4 And AMG ???

    One JDM VR4 here. 1991, Grey.
  2. FS: Curtis seat brackets

    Ok, thanks for reply. What I'm looking for is complete bolt-on, or then I can hire a welder to fit these with from scratch for about the same amount of money. I know recaros have been used for many models and years but no one seems to know if the dimensions for rails could be the same.
  3. FS: Curtis seat brackets

    Do these fit with Evo V recaros?
  4. Fuel Consumption and Fuel Octane

    If you can tune more torque to lower rpm's, you can use higher gears in city traffic, thus lowering fuel consumption. Though the rpm's under fifth gear are still so high in these cars that freeway drive-consumption does not improve.
  5. 4WS with 4 Bolt diff

    Quoting prove_it:4 Bolt axles in the states indicate a rear lsd is installed. Not 100% positive, but you might already have LSD. Check the rear diff cover for the service sticker. That will indicate.As for LSD options, being that your in Europe, you can swap any year EVO rear diff carrier...
  6. 4WS with 4 Bolt diff

    Reviving old topic..So, as mentioned above, I stand corrected about the rear in my car, it's a 4-bolt with 4ws(got under my car cause it's under work now).Question is, what are my options for rear lsd if I want to retain 4ws? Since every aftermarket manufacturer catalog i've searched gives...
  7. help with rims set up

    Since it's still 8" wheel width, same recommendation for tiresize. At least 225, anything thinner at they will stretch...
  8. Hylomar non-setting on mls

    Quoting iceman69510: He is in Finland, btw.Could be also because of that. Some other Honda chemicals and all of the oils were also dropped some years ago, guess something to do with eu-restrictions. Then they started a new oil line locally in eu. But we were told that production had stopped...
  9. Hylomar non-setting on mls

    Yeah, Honda bond HT is the sh*t, but unfortunately it's not under production anymore. With good luck you can find old stock somewhere. I was working in a motorcycle shop for over 10 years(Honda..) and this was the only thing we used. Can be used even to surfaces without paper gasket.Kent makes...
  10. JDM projector foglight hook up

    Look here: click
  11. Longer spark plug wires

    Kingsborne. Was the only place who did new wires for my jdm with cyclone.
  12. how many of you have a "budget"build on your GVR4?

    I'd say my Galant is budget build. Currency eur. -Car shipped from Japan including tax 5100eur, 66k km's, completely stock, "evo 0" -bc suspension 650eur -custom exhaust inc labor 300eur -fp race mani+hw 400eur -manual boost contrl. 40eur -gauges 120eur -fic 1050 injectors used 150eur -front bar...
  13. 2.0 litre NA 4G63 fuel injectors, still available?

    I can confirm that 4g63 doch n/a used 240 injectors, eg galant gti(edm name for gsx). Can also be found in 4g93 doch (Lancer gti), and 4g67 doch(lancer/colt gti). We got these listed in our Finnish forum.
  14. Changing out fuel filter

    I did exactly the same prove did. Or actually disconnected the pump first and then started the car but thats trivial..If it's been sitting there for long like mine (over 20 years) it can been tough to get loose but dont give up
  15. LordAthey

    Engine parts shipped to Finland and was all good packaged, and probably the fastest delivery I ever had from US. Flawless!
  16. Deleting Post Reminders and Fav Threads

    I'll join your happy group. Cant delete them.
  17. Check your coilovers

    Had same thing with by BC V1 coils about two years ago, I started hearing rattling noise at bumps but didnt find the source until I took it to a friend who has a lift. I'm also sure they were tight after install, and no work had been done to them after that.
  18. 4WS with 4 Bolt diff

    Pm'ed. Haven't really looked into this earlier, but my researches tell me that my car has 3 bolt diff, and with 4ws there's very hard to get lsd's.
  19. 4WS with 4 Bolt diff

    Quoting BENE38A: The jdm e39a evolution has 4ws and LSD and 4 bolt rear.It's a factory option. I have 91 jdm evolution without lsd, 3 bolt/4ws, two friends have 3 bolt lsd/4ws(90), other one is a Monte Carlo. So there's also 3 bolt lsd's.
  20. I kinda want some mudflaps...

    Here's what I have, Evo 7-9 rallyflapz:Almost bolt-on.
  21. Battery Drain

    Just had my alt changed because it didn't charge. At the same time my alt stopped charging, my battery also started to drain, like 5 amps(LOTS!), with almost all the fuses taken off. So I took my car back to shop where they changed the alt. Car was there like two weeks and they couldn't find the...
  22. JDM infer red key help

    I see, I see. But many thanks anyway! There's some pictures that may be helpful even without text, at least I can go trial and error testing cause there's nothing than can go worse( ).
  23. JDM infer red key help

    Didn't know there was a teach mode in these, that could fix my problem too. Don't about the topic starters situation...My Japanese, ummm...
  24. JDM infer red key help

    I'm guessing he wants a new key with the infrared-sender. My keyless entry has never worked since I've owned the car, though the key itself is transmitting signal(can be tested by pressing the button and pointing eg to a cellphone camera).
  25. Stock wheels - best looking tire size

    Not stock wheels but same size/width etc:205/60-15 Dunlop SP Sport Fast response. Car has bc racing coils under, lowered about 20mm. I drive in gravelroads and snow/icetrack so what's why not lower.
  26. Brake booster

    Okay. I'll speculate some before I get to the car later this weekend..I'm quite noob what comes to brakes,or more on the hydraulic part. I'm just wondering that if there's no fluid leaking anywhere, where does the vacuum dissapear when I press the pedal? I had a vacuum tester/pump connected to...
  27. Brake booster

    Could check that too. Pedal is very hard engine off, but when idling or driving I can press the pedal to the floor if braking very hard. Car stops and I can drive in normal traffic, but it takes a lot of pressure to make a quick stop.I have never taken the master off, should I prepare for...
  28. Brake booster

    I have been having veeeery bad/spongy brakes for at least a year now. Pads have been changed, fluids changed two times and all calipers work fine and no sticking. No fluid is leaking. Check valve tested and works. I ended up that there can be no other fault than the booster(vacuum is dropping...
  29. Hello from southern Finland

    Something new:Compomotive cx-series in 15", painted in grey. Tyres Dunlop SP Sport fast response, 205/60.Otherwise I've just been driving, with a little leaking brakebooster. 2g maf incoming, when I get the intake piping done some day..
  30. Tunerpro XDF & Bin with stock 2g timing curve and fuel maps?

    Quoting blkchr91: I'd like to see this if you have it. In the meantime, I have input "optimized" numbers from "Tarry Kyle's" spreadsheet and pdf guide found on DSM_ECU at the URL below.You have to be a member to see it and I don't bother posting there any more because my posts are moderated...
  31. Tunerpro XDF & Bin with stock 2g timing curve and fuel maps?

    Quoting blkchr91: Well what worries me is not only that you lose resolution, but if you are using a 1g extended timing map and try to input the numbers from a non extended 1g timing map you will be putting in invalid data.Does that make sense?Quoting dandanger: I'm in the process of setting...
  32. Tunerpro XDF & Bin with stock 2g timing curve and fuel maps?

    I'm in the process of setting the 2g timing maps to my bin to test, not complete yet. You lose some of the resolution cause the rows dont match but it's still just a base you should start on so it's not that serious imo. Would also be interested in the files if someone has done this already. I...
  33. 1G to 2G MAF conversion help

    If you're planning on any other changes in future I suggest Ostrich 2.0 click or similar. If the 2g maf is the only change then a chip is ok.
  34. MPG Numbers

    Pure relaxed driving in the highway at summer I can get about 24MPG. My daily work route I get about 19, about 7 miles mixed city-highway. I've been tracking my fuel consumption for years cause gasoline is so expensive here: clickCar is almost stock jdm '91. Haven't noticed any change in fuel...
  35. LC-1 Wideband sensor failures

    Could be quite close to 1in. There are so many installations than there are people, some use stock place, I decided to put it far as possible from manifold to have it not so hot. Readings in my gauge was not far from pro gear at local dyno so I guess it's working nicely.
  36. LC-1 Wideband sensor failures

    Came with the package, MTX-L version. Can't remember the size.
  37. LC-1 Wideband sensor failures

    Been having mine now for about two years without problems. Drive my car daily plus occasional icetrack/track.Pic of install:
  38. Stock Upgrades

    I'm guessing about 300hp at crank.
  39. Car Overheated

    Year ago I had my alternator belt snap at motorway at high speed. I was forced to drive a few miles, and at the moment I didn't remember that belt also rotated the waterpump...well after some time I noticed my temp gauge was at full red, immediately took the car to side of road and shut down...
  40. 4G63 Cyclone Non-Turbo - Unexplained warning lights in the speedometer

    If you dont need to have the light lit you can just cut the wires for sensor or disconnect. The warning light stays shut.
  41. 215/50 R17

    My summer-tyres, 215/45-17:
  42. Heater/aircon controls

    Strange, I assume all JDM are with same kind of ac control, automatic with digital display? I got a -91 JDM and theres really nothing special about ac controls, if I set temp to say 21C etc, all the settings are the same next time I start. Must be something with constant power wiring, because...
  43. Rally Video...Correct Link...

    Nice vid and car! Takes always a few runs to get the cameras right..but fun it is!I'll thought I'll post a link to my first gravel-ride with Galant here, hope you don't mind? click Couldn't drive too fast cause 20yr old stock suspension couldn't manage it..
  44. 2nd o2 sensor removal?

    They are just to warn about too Hot cat. They exist also on older jdm lancer evos. Just take the sensor off and put the wires together so the warning lamp doesnt light up constantly. Ive done so on my and no probs.
  45. Reliable setup for 250-300 WHP

    +1 for the stock internals ok for this power-range. Me and a friend of mine have been running almost stock jdm's for over two years now without any problems(daily driver/few trackdays per year). Only mods we've done so far is exhaust, boost controller set at about 1 bar and modded ignition...
  46. Another vr4 nearly finished

    Nah, it's on the RIGHT side like mine .But indeed, very nice and clean..would love to own a white VR4, I think it's the best color for Galant.
  47. Hello from southern Finland

    Awful clunk fixed . Was the front shock upper nut that was gone loose. That was something I could notice by myself cause one had look under the hood and one guy try to shake the shock from below. Very easy to fix and cheap . My friend also noticed some loose tierod-ends and swaybar-link that...
  48. Who's running BC Coilovers? Feedback, experience and opinions here

    Been running my BC(V1) coils for a year now. Occasional trackuse last summer and a bit of icetrack-racing this winter. And mostly street of course.Took a while to get adjustments fine for street, I think the 8/6 springs are a bit hard, at least for our roads here in Finland(probably the worst...
  49. Best spark plugs wires for the 4g63

    Kingsborne for me, works like a dream. They make also cyclone compatible wires and they're 8mm and color is like oem(red).
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