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  1. FS: Verizon Galaxy Nexus 32GB - sold

    Just ordered my Nexus 5 too, Thanks Giving can't get here any sooner.
  2. FS: Kitted Puch Newport Moped!

    She reminds me of Star from The Lost Boys
  3. WTB: LC1 or other non AEM wideband.

    Pm Sent Heres some pics of what I got.
  4. Who works at the RENO airport.

    I believe it's a guy named Gene, I bought an EVO intercooler from him when he upgraded his. I think he just sold it
  5. Removing head

    Leaving the throttle body and intake on makes the removal faster and gives you something to grasp at when lifting the head. Some have done this w/ the manifold and turbo on as well.
  6. FP Manifold Heatsheilds

    Don't forget a hood vent
  7. So I entered 1051 in a street car competition

    Well done, car is still looking as good as ever. Stands out from the rest.
  8. flame on!

    It shouldn't stick out that far, the sides of the bumper are shorter than the USDM GVR4. Revised picture is more to scale.
  9. 12v for gauge lights(boost, egt)?

    maybe the light to ash tray?
  10. pix!!

    ^^ This, I use a Photobucket app to take photos straight from my phone to my account and use the IMG link for the forums.
  11. Tips on removing exhaust manifold.

    That nut is an SOB to get to but I was able to use an offset wrench and it worked. Was slow going but worked.
  12. issues with dip stick popping out...solved

    Cheaper alternative I guess click
  13. WTB: 1G Steering Wheel, Corners, Shift Knob

    You looking for a wheel like this? I have a momo that i've been wanting to install so this needs to go.
  14. 2 Galant VR-4s battling it out!

    Breakin the law....breakin the law
  15. Took #801 on an Epic 5k mile road trip last week.

    Great looking cars, that VR-4 really stands out with those rims
  16. Oil pan replacement advice/top tips?

    Toyota also makes a bond for gasket use
  17. FEELER: Gauging interest in CF bits

    All race cars use carbon fiber, it's strong and light. I think it's only rice when you get into fake carbon and use it purely for looks. But most interior pieces are for looks anyways so opinions vary. I for one like the look of carbon fiber so....
  18. So I entered 1051 in a street car competition

    Quoting marvinmadman: R35?clickEngine bay not nearly as sexy as the R34
  19. Road trip suggestions

    Walley World!
  20. headliner removal

    Vaulted ceiling?
  21. LC-1 Wideband sensor failures

    I'm just wondering if condensation build up is heavier further down stream.
  22. LC-1 Wideband sensor failures

    I think the MTX bung is 1" so sensor sits flush with interior of exhaust wall. Isn't the bung supposed to be mounted before the flex pipe?
  23. Curious about Roof Racks - How do you mount them?

    They dent and twist easily.
  24. FS: 1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 ((728/1000)) Miami,Fl $3300

    If only it was closer, glwts
  25. Curtis

    Curtis rocks! Fast response, fast shipping, great deals.....if ever I need something else curtis will be the first person to PM. Thanks
  26. FP Manifold : Sale

    Was at $275 last week cause I have been checking.
  27. FP Manifold : Sale

    I wish I would have had the funds when it was at $175. $75 off is good enough for me
  28. FP Manifold : Sale

    Just a heads up, the Forced Performance DSM Race manifold is at $200. I ordered mine and thought those who were waiting for this sale should know.
  29. FS: OZ Racing F1's

  30. FS: GVR4 dash partout

    Do you have the blank clip pieces under the steering on the left and right? Actually I guess that's not technically part of the dash huh
  31. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Quoting CutlassJim: Quoting se7enine: Those TE37's are the best looking for what I want and like. Next year those exact rims will be mine. Really clean looking ride.You're going to steal bobdole's rims? Not nice.Maybe he will sell them to me
  32. Stock Upgrades

    That's what I plan on getting. Just waiting on another $199 sale.
  33. Air Duct clean out

    Wear a mask! Disturbing rat sh*t is no Bueno.
  34. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Those TE37's are the best looking for what I want and like. Next year those exact rims will be mine. Really clean looking ride.
  35. Stock Upgrades

    Thanks for the replies guys, little more research and a lot more money and I may have this all figured out yet. Don't anybody go and post something new and exciting they did to their cars, I don't need anymore ideas in my head
  36. Stock Upgrades

    I have already rebuilt the 14b and also plan to replace all my intake and fmic piping with custom stainless piping.
  37. Stock Upgrades

    So I was wondering what you more experienced techs think are some must have upgrades (if any) for anyone wanting to stay near stock or under 250 HP.Are there any OEM parts that can be upgraded to be more reliable? Maybe a FP manifold? I already have a manual boost gauge and mbc set to 8 lbs...
  38. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 1805/2000 Walnutport, PA $1100

    OP stated the motor could be included.
  39. Lifting the head off.

    It certainly isn't as cramped as a 3000GT VR-4.
  40. ??? how many 1992 Galant VR4 out of 1,000 is there left ????

    Maybe this summer I will add one of those 92's to my collection.
  41. EB: NJ 2004 Subaru WRX World Rally Blue 5spd great shape $4950

    So many of those ruined here in Reno/Tahoe area
  42. Swaptions?

    Mmmmmmmmm Pizza
  43. transparentdsm

    Received my flip key very fast, was very happy with the sale. Shane is a great seller.
  44. Clutch Pedal Issue

    Quoting Hittman: Quoting se7enine: Check clutch start switch or just unplug?The one under the steering wheel...correct?Yes, Just follow your clutch pedal up till you see the sensor that the pedal bracket makes contact with.
  45. Clutch Pedal Issue

    Check clutch start switch or just unplug?
  46. trying to find a galant with xxr 962 wheels

    Maybe don't limit your search to that exact brand, but just use 5 spoke with your search and you will see GVR4's with same style wheels. Enkei makes those too. As I'm sure others as well. Good luck
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