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  1. tigerspeed35

    New Shirts and Merchandise for 2022

    Ordered my first long sleeve. Pretty excited, thanks for bringing this out.
  2. tigerspeed35

    Ongoing project

    This is the Build Thread for Ongoing project. Reply below.
  3. tigerspeed35

    FS: "feeler" white,344/2000, 13k

  4. tigerspeed35

    FS: gvr4 roller/parts

    How much for the hood and transmission?
  5. tigerspeed35

    2021 calendar

    Btw, these coming pics are of Charles's badass VR4. An amazing build and tons and tons of time and effort(a lot of custom stuff lol) and pride put into his build....enjoy
  6. tigerspeed35

    Andrew Nieves 344/2000

    1991 344/2000ENGINE: 2.0 .20 over bore Arias 8.5:1 compression Arias piston rings Scat H-beam rods ACL race series bearings Stock crankHEAD: Port&polish Supertech dual springs Supertech +10 intake/incolnel exh valves 280 cams Fidanza camgears S90 throttle body JMF I/M...
  7. tigerspeed35

    2020 Calendar

    A good handful of guys that really have very good clean examples of our cars... my clean 91 will look bad next to guys like Mark's but something to be proud of to be connected to a good group of enthusiast.
  8. tigerspeed35

    FS: Interior trim parts

    Do you have any of the driver side platic pillar and the plastic the is connected to it where the seat belt slide stops when the door is closed?.... and the any trays and trimming for the radio area?
  9. tigerspeed35

    White gvr4 spotted near Gary, IN 2 nights ago...

    Dont ever see any around here nowadays... I should be done with mine in a few weeks.
  10. tigerspeed35

    FS: JDM Bits

    Pm sent boss
  11. tigerspeed35

    WTB: corner lights, evo seats, 5-lug

    Hello all, looking for a few items: -amber corner lights and bumber light covers -5-lug conversion -true short-shifter -evo seats-
  12. tigerspeed35

    FS: Garage clean out!!

    Hello, looking for amber corner and number light covers. Also, a true short-shifter and a 5-lug conversion.thx.
  13. tigerspeed35

    New Personal Best with 1837

    Just left SD area and got back into a Galant....kinda miss it out there. Also look into the up north track Fontano(I think Wednesday night's they have something going o
  14. tigerspeed35

    FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 (#1444/2000) $9500 Knoxville, TN

    NOOOOOOOO! Don't go TT. I really was influenced by you and really looked fwd to meeting you the galant sometime. She looks terrific btw. I finally got back into one(one day I'll update my profile) and look up to your work. Well I sure will miss your knowable yet funny bodies. Your awesome
  15. tigerspeed35

    FS: fic1800cc injectors

    Still FS?
  16. tigerspeed35

    Ray Castros beast

    I do remember seeing a Dyno video, the camera man got scared when the boost kicked in:) if you can load that video that you have that'll be amazing... Never got to actually see his car in action at the track... Got a ride in but that's about it ...
  17. tigerspeed35

    Ray Castros beast

    He's no longer active on here and I do not have his personal contact... Otherwise, I would have asked him instead of asking here.
  18. tigerspeed35

    Ray Castros beast

    No one has videos of this car??????
  19. tigerspeed35

    504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Lol haters Jk .I'd like to get a grip of that steering wheel.
  20. tigerspeed35

    Ray Castros beast

    Yea the last time he had it was blue.... He had painted it a Acura NSX blue ....then... He sold it
  21. tigerspeed35

    Ray Castros beast

    whats up guys, I must say i love these cars but one in particular I will always remember is Ray Castro vr4.... I know some of you guys here has seen it and there were videos out. Does anyone have that thing in action? The last vid I've seen was one of his Dyno crazy Dyno runs... But I can't...
  22. tigerspeed35

    New VR-4 Owner

  23. tigerspeed35

    New VR-4 Owner

    Yea it was that same one.... I really hope that guy(onesickcrx) did not know if it's issues and on top of that was asking double what he bought the car from this...
  24. tigerspeed35

    Images and Videos

    YouTube video click
  25. tigerspeed35

    Images and Videos

    Vidoe I found on YouTube click
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