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  1. FS: my nile black 1877/2000 up for sale

    Great to see a well bought car going to a new home!
  2. New owner of 763/2000

    Nice one! Good find!
  3. FS: Part out 91 GVR4, #597, aftermarket and stock

    How about the ecu harness?
  4. FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (560/2000) NB *Updated May 10th 2022

    Any body parts still available?
  5. #1607 Destroyed in Structure Fire Yesterday - Need Valuation Advice

    Sad to see, bummer. Looked like a 12-14k car to me considering condition/rarity.
  6. trans work necessary for 450hp

    Quoting turbofonz: Driving style, clutch setup and fluid are also very important for power handling.This.
  7. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #613/2000 (new pics 6.27.17)... N. Seattle, WA *SOLD*

    If everything goes swimmingly for me in the next 60 days and the car isn't sold... Lot of "if's" though.
  8. favorite cheap catch can?

    this one is nice for relatively cheap. click
  9. Clutch -450-600hp recommendations

    Southbend single disc here too. doesn't slip even at the power level my car is at with a full face disc and good drivability.
  10. FS: 1746/2000 $1200obo El Paso Tx -SOLD-

    If you have it in June... I might bite. I need a platform that's not too nice to tear down to nothing.
  11. Jdm shops in SoCal

    There are a lot of ads from JDM importers on craigslist selling 6 bolt 46g3t's, but I know those companies that advertise on cragslist can be hit or miss. I know of a guy who mostly does 2jz imports who is supposed to be reliable and trustworthy. I'll see if I can find his info.
  12. JMF SMIM not necessary?

    I agree, stick to the stock intake.
  13. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 JDM (65k miles)

    These kinds of things will take longer to sell, but the right buyer will come along, they just have to come across the listing of the car for sale. This is something I would buy if I wasn't in the middle of 10 other expensive car and home renovation projects.
  14. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    Well, if you do sell it tell me first... Sure is a nice im+tb combo
  15. East Coast MOD 2016 Photo Dump

    Damn, I feel the east coast has so many more nice, well built cars. That blue 2G was f***ing immaculate. Loved the car and the build. Thanks for sharing the pics to these events I can't make it to but wish I could, I appreciate it and I know lots of others do too.
  16. SOLD: 2.3L stroker - built engine - New Jersey

    Alright well...I need a backup motor so...Shipping cost to 92555? lolI'm kidding.. Kinda. If you want to sell it let me know I might pull the trigger.
  17. SOLD: 2.3L stroker - built engine - New Jersey

    Shipping cost to 92555?
  18. WTB: "B" pillar plastic.

    I swapped some manual seatbelts into my car, but the plastic that cam with them is kinda ugly. Anyone got B pillar plastics for [email protected]
  19. FS: 1991 galant vr-4 socal $5000 completely stock

    Who rebuilt the motor? Post pictures of the paperwork. A/C is R12 or R134?
  20. FS: NRG quick release and short hub. BNIB

    Just a heads up to anyone interested, I have the gen 2.5 on my car and it works great. good product for the money.
  21. How about some updates???

    I ran an 11.5@136 that day, slipping clutch with a 2.0 60ft. Fixing those issues and setting it up properly and the car will be back soon to hopefully run a decent time.
  22. How about some updates???

    Lets fix it. I know theres a handful of us still trying to go fast.
  23. FS: FEAL 441 Adjustable Coilover Damper Kit for 1987-92 Galant VR-4

    I want to try these out. I actually know Odi from Feal too!
  24. To Auto or not to Auto (GVR4). That is the question...

    Quoting Olson: Not before i get to itI'll arm wrestle you for it
  25. To Auto or not to Auto (GVR4). That is the question...

    I didn't read the whole thread, but if it's not street driven, if it's a drag only car, just do auto. If you'll ever drive it anywhere but the dragstrip, keep it manual. There's absolutely no reason at all to keep it manual if it's a drag only car... My .02 cents, and the reason my car is and...
  26. SOLD !FS: Feeler thinking about parting ways with my galant for $4500 Price drop

    Dammit I want these. A/C work in the white car? How's the interior?
  27. FS: 1998 Eclipse Spyder AWD swapped SOLD

    I want it. Dilemma would be getting it here.
  28. FS: 1991 galant vr4 #564/2000 2800 firm/Colorado

    Quoting Gvr4co90: Sorry about all the post but also wanted to say it has new brakes, steel braided brake lines, the 4ws works and has new seals, this car has always been stock and has a pretty new head with a gates timing belt, new tensioner and bearingDon't be sorry, more information about...
  29. FS: Magnus launch control device

    Whoa, what car?I'm interested in the device, does it work well? Any negative side effects at all?
  30. 2.3 stroker

    I've only run 2.3 strokers for 8 years and never had any wear issues.
  31. MOD Socal 2015

    I'll be there. Assuming I can get the new giant radiator in on wednesday.. the afco isn't cutting it in this heat. I ordered a 22x19x2.5 griffin that we're gonna try and put in when it gets here wednesday.
  32. Muffler suggestion - looking for a bit quieter

    I second the Vibrant ones. And if you want it even quieter add an in line resonator. click
  33. Proud new owner of #901/2000 need help on what mods to do next

    Hey Laz, good meeting you yesterday.. Hit me up when you want to work on the Galant!
  34. Could this be causing all my woes?

    No, that's normal. That's just how they line up.
  35. Roof racks

    I have a spare I'll sell ya. PM me.
  36. Progress on my car, #674 finally going back together with lots of new goodies!

    Thanks guys. It's the South Bend SS-X PP with full face ceramic disc. clickFrom Jon at TRE: "Obviously you twisted the input shaft in two but you also managed to include the following: Strip about 10 teeth off the intermediate shaft and the center diff outer gear. The busted teeth managed to...
  37. Progress on my car, #674 finally going back together with lots of new goodies!

    Got home from Australia Friday, had all this junk waiting. Started putting it back together yesterday.
  38. TH3 Lazy arse Australian / New Zealand Picture build thread

    I'm staying in Surfers here on the Gold Coast for the next month, let us know if you need an extra hand turning wrenches... Would be rad to meet up with a fellow GVR4 enthusiast from the other side of the world and talk cars.
  39. Progress on my car, #674 finally going back together with lots of new goodies!

    Lol, thanks guys. Looking forward to getting home and putting in the new trans and clutch.
  40. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    I emailed him a while back too. I'd still like to get some...
  41. FS: MI jdm galant vr4 rs $10k

    If I had the money to spare right now I'd buy this and drive it daily, as is. My old Galant had rust too. Didn't effect the drivability. Rust is not a deal breaker, and from what I can tell the rust on this car isn't too bad. Good luck with the sale.
  42. #740/1000 BUILD

    Hell to the yeah, looking good dude. That's a big fuckin intercooler.
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