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  1. FS: 1989/1990 tail lights

    Have a set of 1989/1990 galant tail lights and the center piece for sale. Studs in tail lights all in great shape. Center piece missing 2 studs. (Not broken off just not there.) Will only ship in the US. No idea what they're worth. Message me if interested.
  2. FS: 1992 Galant VR4 795/1000 whole/partout

    Pm sent please message me
  3. WTB: Sunroof Wind Visor

    Honestly. Measure how wide/long the sunroof is and get one off eBay. That's what I did and it fits great. Plus it was only like 25-35$.. Just don't forget to leave room to 2 sided tape the thing on.
  4. Galant Gsx noise/tach filter sensor

    Hi all. I couldn't find anything by searching. My buddy has been building his project awhile. Upon first start up we have no tachometer movement. Car is a 1990 Galant Gsx converted to turbo still using the Gsx harness. Car is a 1990 and I wasn't there to search but does anyone know where the...
  5. New Owner of 91 VR4

    Yes it is a g20. 1995 is the exact year.. Fits really well actually no cutting or trimming anything except for the fmic opening for more room.
  6. New Owner of 91 VR4

    I haven't really ever introduced myself on here...maybe I need to do that sometime... In case everyone didn't catch the joke. That's my house and yes my colt and green and gold galants lol.
  7. New Owner of 91 VR4

    Who is this mystery mechanic/temporary owner. With the 421hp colt and that badass green galant#794/1000 and a turbo galant Gsx conversion?? Lmao... Think I know him 😉
  8. WTB: coilover deal...

    Thanks Craig
  9. WTB: coilover deal...

    I'll keep it quick. Who was the guy on here that could get the coilovers at a discounted rate? I can't remember his name. I'm curious about pricing.
  10. Evo 5 Steering Wheel

  11. 22nd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 15-17th 2014 Norwalk,Ohio

    Ad me to the list of confirmed. I will definetly have 794/1000 there again this year just like last year :-)
  12. converting galant gsx to turbo using vr4 wiring harness. question

    First pic is the 2 body harness plugs in the galant gsx. Second pic is with 2 of the 3 galant vr4 plugs plugged into the gsx body harness. and showing the 3rd extra plug from the vr4 harness... and 3rd pic is a close up of the extra plug from the vr4 harness which the galant gsx harness does not...
  13. converting galant gsx to turbo using vr4 wiring harness. question

    So just to start out im not a newbie lol. I have a vr4,had it about 3 years, was at the shootout in the lineup, some of you might know me. Well my tinkering side got the best of me and i bought a nice galant gsx. Body is rust free and the price was right... So i got to swapping out the wiring...
  14. FS: 1990 galant gsx 4g63t motor

    SOLD to me!
  15. 89Mirageman

    great guy to work with. he went to junkyard pulled me some parts. good prices. shipped out parts asap. everything arrived as promised in good shape. will definetly work with him again if possible!!!
  16. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    pm sent i want the taillights!!
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