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  1. Seat-belts and Racing Seats?

    You don't need a 5 point harness, that's overkill. You can pick up a 3 or 4 point for around $100. If your buying seats and rails, then it shouldn't be much more to run proper belts.
  2. Crank gallery ball removal

    Quoting ApexHunter: All of em, so i could do some thorough flushing!This, if you do one end only, you won't get all the junk out and it will be loose. First start up will flush it out and into the engine where it will score up journals.
  3. rod burn

    Come on man, are you really going to cheap out on these?
  4. Galant VR4 Euro Grille Compilation

    Ugghh, I want an AMG front sooo bad.
  5. rod burn

    Quoting tektic: Is it ok to mix and match rods of the same make and model? May have to weigh and balance them but should be fine right?Yes, that rod is toast, literally.You can as long as the dimensions are the same. Yes, I would be sure the rods are all within a few grams of each other...
  6. Crank gallery ball removal

    Could be SAE then. Never had as big of an issue as you did.
  7. Vin Number

    You'll need to check with iceman, he's got the list of vin with numbers. He will need your vin.
  8. Crank gallery ball removal

    It's a split on the necessity of it. Half say it's critical, half say it's snake oil. From all the pics I've seen of the crud that comes out, I say it's very important when building a 2k dollar engine. I've built a few engines and never done this, and not had any issues, but that doesn't mean it...
  9. FS: Garage sale

    G, you got some nice jugs.
  10. Crank gallery ball removal

    Heat and an impact 5mm hex socket. Slow and careful, they can be hard.
  11. Crank gallery ball removal

    ^Exactly.Also goes with not pulling out the oil gallery plugs in the head when cleaning it. I pull them out, and use a gun cleaning kit to get all the head oil passages cleaned up.
  12. FS: FIC 1450's, Evo 560's and FIC Easy Tune Box

    Whoever bought the 1450s should really pick up that ez tune box. I know this from experience.
  13. Oil change questions

    Saab once recommended the 9-3 turbo ecotec to go 18k per change because it's synthetic. The advertised interval means nothing. Oil won't break down in a daily driver, at least not fast enough. The primary reason is because the detergents in the oil get "used" up and need to be replaced, hence...
  14. Crank gallery ball removal

    From what I understand its crud that falls out of suspension in the oil. the force of the crank separates it out and pushes it towards the ball.
  15. Crank gallery ball removal

    I bet you do. Bogus hot tanks and cleans them and has pulled the balls to find more junk. It's a deep recess back behind the ball. Hard to get cleaner to it. Only reason oil gets back there is from the centrifugal force of the crank pushing it outwards.
  16. New Personal Best with 1837

    Had you been running a hot pipe you could have broke the 11s....
  17. Crank gallery ball removal

    It's a tiny little space that even a hot tank cleaning won't reach. It will remove some, but not ALL the junk.
  18. Crank gallery ball removal

    Drill it out with skill, patience, and understanding how to drill out something like this. I.E. Don't just take any ol drill bit and go to town.
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