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  1. Coolant issues

    How did you determine it was the head? Did you also rule out the block?
  2. My 91 GVR4 #476/2000 Street Build

    No, I sure don't. I have it on DSMTuners though.
  3. Hard to believe I kept my VR4

    16 years? I couldn't go 1 year!
  4. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    I did, but could we get a different option other than Drag, Rally and Road course? Maybe Other...? Some of us are not really building our cars for any specific category and are just fun street builds. Other people do it for roll racing etc.
  5. My 91 GVR4 #476/2000 Street Build

    This is the Build Thread for My 91 GVR4 #476/2000 Street Build. Reply below.
  6. Coolant issues

    Here is what you need to do: 1. Is your engine oil contaminated with coolant? Remove your oil cap after getting the car to temperature and check for milkshake like residue on the bottom of the cap. 2. Are your fan(s) operating correctly? Is your cooling system holding pressure? 3. Is there...
  7. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Good idea.
  8. Exhaust Manifold 411(T3 to TD05h/TD05 adapter)

    I can sell you a nice T4 manifold for $450 shipped. Message me.
  9. 736/2000

    I approve. Solid execution.
  10. i need adult approval

    I would inspect and make sure your ring lands are ok but those pistons look fine to me. I would run the stock longblock as is sans some mild cams like HKS 264s or equivalent. Everything else is fine....stock valvetrain as well. Just make sure they're in GOOD condition. The stock engine is really...
  11. i need adult approval

    Hi. What is the goal for this build?
  12. Headlight intake air dam... Who's done it?

    Quoting cupajoe: Looking to find a way to lower my intake temps at the track, couple option. 2. Cut a hole where the battery use to be and add a 90* elbow from the current location and into the wheel well. ME.
  13. Trying to squeeze an S362 in

    It's a hard decision but trust me on this. You really don't want to modify your car to fit one replaceable part because you spent money to buy it. The part should be correctly matched to fit the vehicle. I can tell you right now your decision to run the 1G radiator may not be a wise one when you...
  14. Trying to squeeze an S362 in

    You may be better off selling the manifold and getting something that will better fit your setup. Can you take some photos of your working space with the manifold/turbine housing bolted on? Really helps visualizing what you're trying to do.
  15. FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (1335/2000) NB *Updated September 22, 2021

    Interested in the "L" that the ebrake cable is staked on in the rear. The bottom of this "L" bolts onto the knuckle I believe.
  16. 1837 in Super Street Magazine

    I will make sure to snag a copy. Congrats buddy.
  17. jnava

    He is good people. I have spent a few bucks through him.
  18. New stumble on initial press of accelerator pedal (SOLVED)

    Add more fuel to those cells where it's stumbling and see whether the issue lessens or gets worse.
  19. Radiator Fan Configuration Change

    I will do that. Since like an easy way to get it done. Thanks.