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  1. yubh8tn


    This is the Build Thread for 1384/2000. Reply below.
  2. 1384/2000

    Street 1384/2000

  3. yubh8tn

    bent power steering hard lines

    Can confirm: tyeler was right. I got some JIC lines made and that compressor shop fitting I mentioned earlier that was the correct thread and had the O-ring is actually AN so the JIC lines I had made just screwed right on. No leaks :D In case anyone does this in the future: Get the rack side...
  4. yubh8tn

    Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Some of my photos are gone too.
  5. yubh8tn

    Coolant issues

    Let us know how it goes after putting the new head on. I'm new to a lot of this so forgive me asking, but how will a new head help? Are you worried the head surface is messed up? How does that affect coolant flow if its not leaking?
  6. yubh8tn

    Coolant issues

    Radiator was the only possible red flag I saw. You're sure the system's fully bled?
  7. yubh8tn

    VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    1384/2000 here
  8. yubh8tn

    Member Cars section - do you want one?

    I also like this idea. I think it will encourage more people to post about their car as it will feel better to make a dedicated car build thread than just replying to the same thread over and over in the general section or something like that. I'm sure you're already working on it, but another...
  9. yubh8tn

    bent power steering hard lines

    Over a year update: Don't do push fit. They will pop off. It may be okay to run it on the return side but the feed side will pop. It lasted a while for me with the multiple tight hose clamps but over time it eventually blew and now it wont stay on. Try and do AN if you can, the difficulty though...
  10. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Yes, you're right. I'll figure it out, fix it, and post what the cause was.
  11. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    i just dropped my broken head off at the machineshop and told the dude to fix it. on my receipt i paid for new intake valves and guides and "rebuild service". I then reinstalled it reusing everything including headgasket. Important note is that I had pulled pistons to replace the piston heads...
  12. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    i ran the car with the line from the pcv to the intake manifold unhooked and no oil came out but smoke still came out of the exhaust
  13. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    its oil burning. i thought it was a white smoke but its definitely more blue and gets real bad on acceleration/takeoff. so rings then? my afrs are perfect, i dont have stock o2 sensors just a wideband with narrowband sim. it idles fine most of the time but my throttle body is toast so its...
  14. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Hey guys, just got the car running after skipping timing and destroying valves and guides for the second time. The car runs great but smokes like a motherf****r. It smokes instantly on startup and constantly the entire time the car's running. Always smoking like crazy. Not many miles on it but...
  15. yubh8tn

    FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 #282/2000 $1000 OBO. Not running. Not title, but can get

    Would pick it up if you were closer. glws
  16. yubh8tn

    Using foglight switch as off/on switch

    Good info. I was planning on popping that middle piece out but wasn't sure if it was possible or not. Thanks
  17. yubh8tn

    FS: 319/1000 - Rolling Shell - $3,000 - KC MO

    How much for the tb and how recently was it rebuilt?
  18. yubh8tn

    FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    These have been for sale for like 15 years so i'm not too worried about them going away, but I would like to make sure I could order them in a month or two. Will they still be available to be made?
  19. yubh8tn

    local junkyard crushed a gvr4

    Not sure what dash number. Had engine and complete drivetrain and they crushed it before I heard about it. Kinda sad
  20. yubh8tn

    Using foglight switch as off/on switch

    Good idea, i'll definitely look into that. Thanks