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  1. FS: 1991 White VR4 1634/2000 with only 79K in MD(off the market)

    Damn... Any flex in your asking price?
  2. Fixing up 1292

    Quoting Eztoril: Brett I have seen your work on your builds. I'd let you wrench on my car anytime bro. Can I get in touch if I need you to do any work for me? Thanks Normally, yes. However, I have a deployment upcoming in the near future that will leave me working on jack and shit for...
  3. Fixing up 1292

    That's a big list for $800 bucks. I'm in Vista. Shoot me a PM.
  4. Fixing up 1292

    Where in SD are you located?
  5. WTB: Curtis Brackets

    click click I believe Mark has a set installed in his car with Evo buckets.
  6. WTB: Curtis Brackets

    What seats do you have?
  7. Ecmlink experts in so cal

    Can you post a log in google drive or something?
  8. New Owner of 1837/2000

    I knocked out a few little projects on the Galant over the lest few months. I started by replacing all the turbo coolant lines with stainless braided lines. I added DEI fire sleeves to hopefully extend the life of the lines since they see so much heat due to the proximity to the turbine housing...
  9. QM twin disc questions

    Added the 2G accumulator. The clutch feels a little better, but still sucks ass overall.
  10. FS: rain gutters for factory roof rack

    Bump. Bought these in January from Luis and still haven't received them. Please hit me up if you know how to get a hold of him outside of the forums here.
  11. Please help for sale listings

    I compiled that sale thread to help with situations like this, but ultimately what you need is proper insurance...Which is why I compiled this thread: click A stated value policy is the only way to go if you expect to get what the car is actually worth. If you have a basic bitch insurance...
  12. QM twin disc questions

    Scratch that. Dealer just emailed me:
  13. QM twin disc questions

    Bringing this back thanks to Andrew's suggestion. Ordered the accumulator to try and further tame my QM clutch, so I'll report back in 2 years when I actually feel like wrenching on the car.
  14. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Thanks for the link! Purchased...For a bit over $100 bucks. What a scam. Hope this shit works.
  15. New Owner of 1837/2000

    I don't have an accumulator, but may look into it. I'll Google around and see if they are even still available.
  16. FS: rain gutters for factory roof rack

    I'll take them PM sent
  17. FS: 149/1000 for sale. Great condition. Sold

    Charles, mind posting the final sale price so I can update this: click
  18. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Quoting bobdole: Looks super nice. Thanks, Charles. Digging the new Delica! Quoting CutlassJim: What are the sources of the two different slave cylinders? The green is OEM, the new one I picked up from RockAuto. Quoting iceman69510: Looking good as usual. I really like the magazine...
  19. New Owner of 1837/2000

    In The News did an awesome job on a custom plaque I had made capturing the Super Street feature on the Galant. This little space on the wall is a constant reminder of all the time, money and energy spent in the garage. But more importantly, it represents the work and efforts of those who have...
  20. Car cuts off when reaching Normal Op Temps

    Sounds like a vacuum leak. Did you boost leak test the car after the intercooler install?