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  1. FS: punishment racing hotkit t4

    Punishment racing t4 hotkit..1g or 2g, schudule 10 304ss open t4 tubular manifold flanged for a 44/46 mm wastegate, 3in o2 vband that bolts up to stock style dsm dp, dump tube flanged for a 44/46mm wastegate... $1000
  2. FS: 1g dsm body parts, performance, drivetrain

    I have a 1991 tsi in dark spectrum blue ( rare color), this is a full body part out.. Pm or text for pics 9176805970 AndrewPrimer bumper semi cut for fmic-60Rear bumper good condition-100Full 1ga wing kit-100Talon tail light with center piece good condition-80Center side moldings...
  3. florida gvr4/ dsm thread

    This is a check in and thread for florida gvr4, ggsx, dsm, csm owner.. Post pics, updates, meets, etc..
  4. FS: HRD T4 exshaust manifold fs with pics

    I have for sale a custom HRD T4 single scroll exshaust manifold for sale that is mocked up for a gvr4 or ggsx. Manifold has 2 hrs of idiol time on it and im selling it because I want to go top mount..550 shipped
  5. FS: 700+ hp turbo set(fp turbo)

    Hey everyone, Im selling my fp hta 3582 t4 .86 ar turbo I got off of IanM, t4 custom sch 10 manifold that was made to fit a galant vr4 which I got off the Juiced on here, pte 46mm wg, and all lines with fp oil filter.. turbo has a 90 welded to it to help with clearence issues.. turbo has 300...
  6. galant e39 fwd??

    I was curious if they made a galant fwd 5speed n/t 4g63 in america? I havent seen one, and if so what model was it.
  7. Fan wire harness, pics included

    I have a fan harness and 2 out of the 6 wire were cut.. 2 go to the rad sensor(green/black) and 2 go for the fan(blue/black).. what were the other 2 for?? were they needed?
  8. FS: 1991 eagle talon awd nyc 5,500 or trade for gvr4

    I've just put together a 1991 eagle talon tsi awd. I will be moving to florida soon and was thinking about getting somethingelse so im whilling to trade my 1g for a vr4..modsengine6 bolt motor wesico 8.3.1 compression pistons .20 over stock chapied rods arp head studs feltpro...
  9. FS: Bnib act street disk 110 shipped

    I have a brand new in box ACT street disk for sale for 110 shippedAny questions or pics text or call andrew 9176805970
  10. FS: Act/Aem/Oem/Buscher/Jdm Must See

    Aem wideband with 4k on it (spare faces included)- 140Aem boost 30 vac/35 boost 4k on it (spare faces included) -110Act brand new in box street disk- 120Act 2100 street disk clutch setup with 5k-soldbmpc intercooler 32"L,12"T,3"W, with 3" inlets-140maft-sold14b...
  11. 90 gsx 1g motor in vr4. what do i need for the swap?

    Hey what's up guys. This week I be buying a clean 91 galant vr4 shell. It comes wit engine mounts, harness and ecu..I have motor, tanny and transfercase from a 1g 90 gsx. What will I need to do or change to do this swap without running into problem? Do any senser, wires, or clips need to be...
  12. compression psi in a 6 bolt

    Wat is a good read out on a compression tester for a 6 bolt motor ??
  13. fwd laser 6 bolt into a eagle talon tsi ??

    hey guys this may be a stuipied question but i just wanna make sure what im doing.. Im looking to buy a 6 bolt motor out of a 90 laser rs fwd. Now the queestion is if i put my awd tranny onto that motor will it bolt rite in into my 91 eagle talon tsi?? i still have the motor in the tsi but it...
  14. wat would be a good compression for a gt35r

    im looking to build up a 6 bolt motor, but i haven't decided wat compression to looking to run a gt35r nd i wanna make the most power i can safely street/ track car(you know got a keep them hondas in place lol) i was thinking 9.0.1 but idk if that is safe to run a turbo like that. can u...
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