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Search results

  1. WTB: Hal's Vented Oil Cap

    Either need to borrow one or purchase one. Thanks
  2. WTB: 89 under dash vent tube

    I appear to have all things needed except the vent tube. LMK if you have one. Thanks
  3. WTB: AC cutout pigtail/connector

    Connector was cut off by the previous owner. I'd like to put one back on. It's the sensor that sticks straight up out of the thermostat housing. Thanks
  4. Stripped threads

    Going to have to helicoil a couple holes on the trans. Bottom hole for the Transfer case and 1 hole for the trans mount. What's the size and pitch for these? I would like to have them ready for when I get it apart. Thanks
  5. WTB: GVR4 Auto swap

    I'll need everything
  6. DLC help

    Can someone with Ecmlink V3 measure Voltage on pin 10 in the DLC? This guide says 4.5v, but im getting 12v and the reason for this is I'm getting the "No response received" from
  7. EGR pin 53 on 92 Vr4

    Where does it go? The wire is in the harness and I'd like to use that with Ecmlink to control something. I'd hate to cut it and run another wire through the firewall if the current wire is already under the hood somewhere. So where is the other end at? Also the color is Light green/blue, not...
  8. FS: OEM 450cc and FIC 780cc injectors

    $45 shipped OEM 450cc These will need both o-rings and seals.$120 shipped FIC 780cc injectors that never had fuel run through them. They are labeled 1-4. They will need the rail o-rings. Lower seals are still new.
  9. FS: Palm IIIC with cable

    $100 shipped. Includes cradle/charger and a nice cable. It's only missing a stylus. Thanks
  10. WTB: Non Turbo Water pipe

    Sprung a small leak on the heater pipe where it welds to the main radiator pipe. So I need another pipe to replace it. I realized I can use a NT pipe and still run coolant to my FP Red via the FIAV nipple that's not being used. Thanks
  11. WTB: Driveshaft flange

    Looking for one so I can bring that to my local driveshaft shop to see if he can balance my driveshaft before I take it off.
  12. Seat belt guides with Evo seats

    What's everyone doing with the bulky belt guide?
  13. FS: 2 Free bare driveshaft yolks

    Left over from using the u joints. Just pay shipping and they are yours.
  14. WTB: Passenger front window seal

    Need one in good shape.
  15. WTB: OEM non powered Antenna

    I almost picked up a non powered antenna from the local PullaPart, but it was messed up. So I need one. Thanks
  16. FS: 5 lug rotors, throttle bodies, caliper brackets

    All prices are plus shipping.$10? Very lightly used 5 lug big DSM rotors. Probably 5 miles on them $40? Rebuilt NA t-body with turbo seals and no sensors Sold New caliper brackets without boots Sold Junkyard NA t-body
  17. Oil Filter Relocation options

    So I can't remove the shorty filter with my 3" downpipe and 90 OFH. I'd like to get a relocation kit but I'm unsure on which housing will fit/work best. Info on this seems to elude my searches.
  18. WTB: Transfer Case for Galant

    Not sure on the spline count yet as I still need to remove it.
  19. WTB: GVR4 driveshaft

    I need a rebuild mine but some of the parts are backordered. So if anyone has a good working driveshaft, I need it.
  20. Fuel upgrade

    I want to upgrade my whole setup. I want Russell classic hoses and plan on modifying my stock fuel hat to -8AN. What is the best way to accomplish this? Buy a complete kit or piece it together?
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