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  1. Pull engine to replace oilpump?

    Hey guys, I'm doing a timing belt and headgasket overhual because of a crank seal leak. I was planning on doing the oilpump aswell. My question is weather or not I have to pull the block to put a new oil pump on?
  2. WTB: 2g stock intake and tailights

    Looking for a stock intake and set of tails. Let me know thanks!
  3. WTB: 1990 ofh

    Want to buy foward facing oil filter housing. Let me know thanks.
  4. Is this shifter cable toast?

  5. WTB: 2,4,R shifter cable

    Let me know thanks!
  6. FS: Super awesome oil drain line 50obo shipped

    Doesn't fit my setup with 6262 mhi exhaust housing, was close but no cigr so its new. Might work easier with a smaller turbo or probably with a t4 set up. Word work on a 1g or 2g easier.
  7. FS: badges

    Vr-4 badge not the best shape or the worst still has gold tint. 30 shippedgalant badge 11 shipped4ws decal 6 shipped or I'll give it to you if get both badges-sold
  8. act pressure plate problems

    Act pressure plate was applying pressure unevenly would not allow me to get in gear. Pulled transmission and there is heat marks on half but not obvious bent fingers or signs to why it was doing that. Has anyone else has this problem with an act pressure plate?
  9. FS: Roof diffuser 50$obo shipped (Sold)

    Title says it all
  10. Clutch dragging

    Well I was driving recently when my car started shifting like a turd. I revved it up in gear with the Clutch pushed in and the car started to move. So I know the clutch was fully disengaging. So I adjusted the it at the master and that did helped for a few days,but then it got to where I could...
  11. I'm i completely screwed??

    [url=][/urll]I had to switch to my stock manifold for a little while about a week ago and my buddy put a small vertical line of anti-seize I told him to put more and he said it will spread when I tighten it definitely should have put more. (yes I...
  12. How to display maf raw on dsmlink 2.5

    Trying to tune with maf comp through dsm link don't see options for maf raw or combined fuel or closed loop. Can i do this with 2.5?
  13. WTB: factory oil cooler

    Let me know thanks.
  14. FS: fic 650cc injectors(sold)

    175obo good condition worked great in my galant.
  15. turbo hitting wheel hitting side wall.

    Well if you have been following my thread you seen I got my car back on the road. Was running great spooling awesome I was so happy lol... Well last night my buddy redid my oil feed real quick because it was barley leaking from the head. I didn't think much of it because I was messing with the...
  16. windows 8 with ecm link 2.5

    Anyone had problems installing ecm on windows 8?
  17. Priming turbo question

    Can I just unplug the cas to crank it so I don't get fuel or spark.
  18. where does this wire go?

    Comes off the mas branch, looks identical the the stock boost solenoid wire but is much longer.
  19. low independence injectors

    How many of you guys are running low independence injectors? Or have a reason to not delete the resistor and run highs.
  20. WTB: 5mm wheel spacers

    If you have some laying around let me know. 4x114
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