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  1. Since the car has been sitting my brakes are rocks.

    I haven't had time to try and bleed the system. I don't see any leaks. It will still stop but I'm thinking master cylinder?Any opinions.
  2. Feal Coilovers!!

    UPS brought me these today.They came packaged very well and can't wait to see how the car handles after it gets cornerweighted.Yes these are the first ones with the GVR4 front brackets.
  3. Bulfab Mustache Bar

    Has anyone used there Mustache Bar with the solid mounts before?clickLet me know.
  4. WTB: 1G rear subframe SE Wisconsin-Bought

    Like title says. I want to rip apart the rear end and need this to do it. Anyone in Wisconsin or Illinois let me know I can pickup.
  5. WTB: Wiper Motor

    Anybody have a Wiper Motor for sale. Send me a price including shipping to 53104.
  6. FS: 99 GSXR 750 $2500

    Here's a link to my ad. If anyone on the board is interested hit me up. I'll go $2500 for board members. click
  7. Headlight Relay Location

    Need some help here. Pulled the car out and headlights don't work anymore. I thought the relay under the hood was the main headlight relay, but that's the one that flashes the headlights when the alarm goes off. Headlights work when alarm goes off. So I'm thinking combo switch or relay...
  8. WTB: 1G power sterring rack bracket

    Doesn't look like anyone has a rack. So who's got the correct bracket to use a 1g rack in the GVR4? I can get a rack at Rockauto.
  9. WTB: 1G Power Steering Rack

    Does anyone have a 1g power steering rack and the different brackets for it to make it work in a GVR4? Or a manual rack possibly if that's all I can get my hands on.
  10. FS: Big EVO 3 16G and intercooler

    I bought these off the board and have not installed them on anything. Here is the link to the previous for sale post.clickI am basically just wanting to sell for what I paid for them. I have no use for them now.
  11. FS: 1702/2000 Part Out SOLD!!!

    Well another one is totaled. Car got hit on the left side and the rear door won't open. Rocker panel is pushed in, quarter panel is dented, fender damage, driver's door, front dog leg, and drivers door plastic is messed up. Just did a Felpro head gasket on it a month ago. Wife drove it for 2...
  12. WTB: E-brake handle

    Does anyone have one sitting around that is original? Not cut, bent, or modified in any way and stock color.
  13. WTB: stock cam gears

    Anybody have a set laying around?
  14. WTB: stock cams

    Need a set of stock cams for a manual trans.
  15. Need advice from people who remember mofugas stuff

    So the question has come up, what's the difference between the gvr4 stock shifter, tel, and mofugas shifter. If memory serves me correctly, stock is tall, tel is shorter, mofugas is stock but the throw is short due to mods on the bottom. A cut gvr4 stock shifter is about the same as a TEL...
  16. FS: Leather Shift boots? Look here!!!

    I will not take any orders until we are caught up. This has turned out to be very difficult to get them done with our schedules. I will let you all know when I have built up stock and them I will take more orders.
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